2019 MEP Awards Shortlist

Written by The Parliament Magazine on 7 February 2019 in News

This year’s Parliament Magazine MEP awards shortlist is out.

After a record number of nominations, we are proud to announce the shortlist for the Parliament Magazine's 2019 MEP awards.

This year 45 MEPs have been shortlisted for 15 award categories with female deputies just edging ahead of their male counterparts with 25 shortlistees. There are two all-women shortlist categories.

Six of Parliament’s political groupings are represented, covering 21 EU member states. Germany tops the shortlist leader board with six shortlisted MEPs, followed by Poland with five shortlistees.

Find out who made the cut.

Judges deliberation day on the shortlist is later this month on 18 February. The Judging panel will once again be chaired by the Parliament Magazine’s Managing Editor, Brian Johnson. His fellow judges are:

  • Willy Fautré, Co-founder and Director of Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l
  • Madi Sharma, Entrepreneur and Member of the European Economic and Social Committee.
  • James Holtum, Media Director at political consultancy Rasmussen Global
  • Shada Islam, Director of Europe and Geopolitics at Friends of Europe
  • Colin Mackay, Managing Director of editorial consultancy the Brussels Writing Bureau

Find out more about the judging panel

The MEP awards are the annual celebration of our European deputies' hard work, and we look forward to recognising their achievements with you on Wednesday, 20 March, in Brussels' glamorous Concert Noble.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Fertilizers Europe, The Coca-Cola Company, IEEE, APEAL, GSMA, Fabasoft and Project Associates, for supporting the MEP Awards.

For further information contact our MEP Awards event team at: MEPawards@dodsgroup.com | +44 (0)20 7593 5672


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