Sustainable urban mobility can improve Europe's health and environment

2 July 2015

Henna Virkkunen says new technologies and environmental solutions are crucial to creating sustainable EU transport systems.

Ana-Claudia Tapardel

Future EU transport policy should focus on passengers and workers

1 July 2015

Tackling gender issues in the EU transport sector is just as important for ensuring its competitiveness as promoting sustainable urban mobility, writes Claudia Tapardel.

EU aviation strategy - can Europe stop quarrelling?

1 July 2015

The common European interest should inform any attempts to boost the competitiveness of the EU's aviation sector, argues Jacek P. Krawczyk.

A pregnant woman holds her hands on her stomach

EU drops maternity leave proposals following five year legislative deadlock

1 July 2015

The European commission has been accused of caving in to member states following the decision to withdraw the controversial maternity leave directive.

Greek euro coin sinking

EU-Greece: only 10 per cent of loan used for budget balance

1 July 2015

Report shows most of Greece's bailout money used for recapitalising banks, with huge profit expected for European central bank.

Reinhard Butikofer speaks in the European parliament

EU and China should not start from zero on redefining their relationship

1 July 2015

The EU and China should highlight and celebrate the benefits of their relationship over the last 40 years, writes Reinhard Bütikofer.

Greece and EU flags

Greece seeks support for new bailout deal

1 July 2015

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras bows to creditor's demands in latest letter.

Dita Charanzová at parliament

Council must remove handbrake on EU vehicle registration reform

30 June 2015

Registering cars is one of EU citizens' top concerns, yet governments have repeatedly stalled attempts to simplify the rules, writes Dita Charanzová.

EU needs serious action to secure sustainable global future

3 June 2015

A strong, cohesive European position is crucial ahead of key global development talks, says Linda McAvan.

Pavel Poc

EU running risk of another year of biodiversity and ecosystem failure

3 June 2015

Europe's 2020 goal of reversing biodiversity loss is 'pure fiction', but there is still time to save what's left, writes Pavel Poc.

Karmenu Vella

Nature has important role to play in a healthy European economy

3 June 2015

Thanks to EU legislation, Europe has managed to limit wildlife loss, but much more needs to be done to reach the 2020 targets, says Karmenu Vella.

EU must lead by example on gender equality

1 July 2015

The new round of appointments to the European economic and social committee (EESC) are a chance for the EU to prove its commitment to the union's fundamental values, says Madi Sharma.

China-EU think tank alliance could boost trade relationship

30 June 2015

Europe and Asia's joint building of the 'Belt and Road' initiative can deepen strategic cooperation, writes Chi Fulin.

Guo Ping Huawei

Industry 4.0 gives Europe its chance to shine

16 June 2015

It's only natural that Europe should lead in 5g technologies, says Huawei's rotating CEO Guo Ping.

24 June 2015

Britain, with its strong economic reform agenda and international outlook, is crucial to shaping Europe's future competitiveness, argues Alessia Mosca

8 June 2015

Batting for Britain: Former Warwickshire county cricketer Dan Dalton says EU must move with the times.

29 June 2015

The European commission must ensure that social media companies will respect national laws against incitement to religious hatred and violence, says Roberta Bonazzi.

24 June 2015

Liquefied petroleum gas can reach isolated rural communities and benefit millions of people, writes Samuel Maubanc.

22 June 2015

All the evidence shows that efficient labour markets actually drive economic growth, says Eurociett's Denis Pennel

16 June 2015

Ahead of their annual conference, IFAH-Europe's Roxane Feller explains why a better EU veterinary medicines regulatory framework is needed.

17 February 2015

EU Ministers raise concerns over governance structure for new European Fund for Structural Investments (EFSI).

13 February 2015

MEPs have accused member states of failing to implement the 2011 directive on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.

11 February 2015

Last week, the EP BUDG Committee met to discuss the first assessment report from the High Level Group on Own Resources.

11 February 2015

Yesterday, in plenary, MEPs discussed (and condemned) the ongoing paralysis of the ILO’s internal supervision system of labour standards in the EU and elsewhere