Joseph Muscat

Maltese Prime Minister warns EU to prepare for another refugee crisis

18 January 2017

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has warned Europe to prepare for another migration crisis.

Theresa May conference - PA

Theresa May fails to impress with landmark Brexit speech

18 January 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of failing to provide clarity in her showcase speech outlining her government's Brexit plans.

Antonio Tajani

Antonio Tajani becomes new European Parliament president

18 January 2017

Veteran Italian MEP wins five-horse race to become EU assembly’s new president.

Guy Verhofstadt MEP

Verhofstadt and Weber defend alliance

17 January 2017

Parliament's ALDE and EPP groups have defended their shock decision to join forces.

European Parliament Strasbourg

Election of EU Parliament chief kicks off, Tajani emerges as clear favourite

17 January 2017

ALDE group Chair Guy Verhofstadt has dropped a bombshell by announcing on Tuesday that he had withdrawn his candidacy to become Parliament's next President.

Tony Graziano, Huawei

Sustainable Development can only succeed if we work together, says Huawei’s Tony Graziano

27 December 2016

Paris agreement and the UN’s sustainable development goals are a testimony to the difference we can make when we join forces across geographical, sectoral and policy dividing lines argues Huawei Communications chief.

Iain Conn

What's at stake for European energy post-Brexit?

20 December 2016

Iain Conn asks, what's at stake for European energy post-Brexit?

Ms Chen Lifang

Students are dreaming their digital future

5 December 2016

Students are dreaming their digital future, explains Chen Lifang.

Roberta Metsola looking up

EU Council presidency: A proud moment for Malta

11 January 2017

Malta's Council presidency is an opportunity to restore citizens' faith in the EU, writes Roberta Metsola.

Marlene Mizzi MEP

Maltese EU Council presidency: Not business as usual

11 January 2017

Malta's EU Council presidency comes at the most unstable and challenging time for Europe, says Marlene Mizzi.

Alfred Sant

EU Council presidency: Malta will take a realistic approach

10 January 2017

Despite its small size, Malta could have a positive impact on crucial EU dossiers, says Alfred Sant.

Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea

Gender inequality is most evident in mental health

10 January 2017

The inequalities between men and women are most visible when it comes to mental health, writes Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea.

Miriam Dalli

Malta ready to set Europe’s pace

29 December 2016

Malta’s EU Council presidency comes at a daunting time for Europe, but Miriam Dalli is confident the country will be up to the task.

Morten Helveg Petersen

Clean, renewable energy is a no brainer

23 December 2016

Renewable energy is becoming the cheaper option, says Morten Helveg Petersen.

6 December 2016

Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola last month launched a written declaration on combatting revenge porn.

6 December 2016

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on what a European defence union would mean for the alliance, the implications of Donald Trump and why it's time member states step up their defence spending.

29 November 2016

Sylvie Goulard on why there should be a job description for the role of Parliament President, how the EU institutions should work to reconnect with citizens and Martin Schulz's legacy.

23 November 2016

Kaja Kallas talks women and technology, the value of human-robot teams, how she set tongues wagging over Parliament’s written declarations.

8 November 2016

Helga Stevens is ready to knock Martin Schulz off his parliamentary throne. Here, explains why she believes she would be better able to represent all MEPs, how her leadership style would differ from Schulz's and how she would put an end to shady backroom deals.

Dan Hannan

Populists flourish after financial crises - but they get found out in the end

25 November 2016

Populists flourish after financial crises - but they get found out in the end, writes Dan Hannan.

Vote to leave flag

There is nothing 'hard' about Brexit

23 November 2016

Brexit will allow the UK to look globally in terms of trade, while simultaneously being good neighbours with the EU, writes Jayne Adye.

Science overview

ShiFt happens, but it's not always good science

10 October 2016

Scientific revolutions may be on the horizon, but most of this shift isn't credible science or a step forward, argues Christopher J. Borgert.

Andrew Duff

Loss of UK MEPs an opportunity to enhance European Parliament's democratic legitimacy

1 September 2016

Brexit may well provide an unintentional boost to EU Federalist hopes of running pan-European transnational party lists at the 2019 European elections, writes Andrew Duff.

Jens Stoltenberg

Nato and cyber-attacks: Time to raise our game

29 July 2016

They may be invisible, but every day our countries face attacks in cyber-space. Nato is adapting to this increasing threat, writes Jens Stoltenberg.

18 January 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of failing to provide clarity in her showcase speech outlining her government's Brexit plans.

16 January 2017

Anthony Gardner, the outgoing US ambassador to the EU, says it is "absolute folly" for America to act as a "cheerleader" for Brexit.

16 January 2017

British and German Green politicians have joined forced to condemn threats by UK foreign minister Philip Hammond about "retaliation" if Britain is denied access to the single market.

16 January 2017

Former Liberal MEP Andrew Duff says ALDE group leader Guy Verhofstadt is using his bid for Parliament's presidency merely as a springboard to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the Commission.

13 January 2017

Outgoing US ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner has launched a blistering attack on Ukip's Nigel Farage, branding his Eurosceptic message a "caricature."

12 January 2017

ECR group candidate Helga Stevens insists her group is not anti-European, and says it's time to break away from the boys' club that has been running the EU.

11 January 2017

Italian MEP clear favourite in presidential race but still needs the support of other groups to be assured of victory.

14 December 2016

On December 12, the AGRIFISH Council held a discussion on the proposal on organic production and labelling of organic products

7 December 2016

On December 6, EU finance ministers held a discussion on the state of play of the proposal on enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax. 

2 December 2016

On December 1, the European Parliament heard statements by the Council and the Commission on the motion for a resolution to combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance

23 November 2016

On November 21, the CULT Committee discussed the draft report on the Coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provision of audiovisual media services in view of changing market realities. 

15 November 2016

On November 14, the IMCO Working Group on the Digital Single Market held a meeting on Completing the Digital Single Market for European Consumers and citizens: Tackling Geo-Blocking in the EU. 

10 November 2016

On November 8, the AGRI Committee held a workshop entitled: Reflections on the agricultural challenges post-2020 in the EU: preparing the next CAP reform.

27 October 2016

On October 25, the Plenary discussed the Parliament’s position on the 2017 budget, with input from the Commission and the Council.

19 October 2016

On October 17, the JURI Committee organised a workshop with National Parliaments on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence – Ethical issues and regulatory approach.