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The Parliament Magazine is essential reading for anyone interested in the EU and its decision-making processes.

Its unique content is comment, interview and analysis-led, written by both EU policymakers and our in-house team of experienced journalists.

Widely recognised as the magazine by MEPs, for MEPs, the print edition features coverage and discussion of the latest EU news and events, profile interviews with key players and in-depth, policy-focused features.

The website’s rolling daily news coverage, along with our webinars and events, closely reflect the dynamism and bustle of the Brussels EU Bubble, guiding readers through the maze of European politics using balanced, authoritative reporting and expert analysis.

How you can engage with our unique audience?

Thought Leader

A Thought Leader OpEd can place your organisation and your issues at the centre of the EU debate.

By working closely with our specialist content team, we offer the visibility you need with the EU institutional audience, positioning your organisation’s views alongside relevant and current policy content.

Standard package includes:

  • Exclusive publication in the print magazine
  • A dedicated graphic identity
  • Professional editing for your content
  • Shared and promoted across:
    • Social media channels
    • Newsletters
    • Online publication and promotion

In conversation with...

The “In conversation with…” option gives your organisation’s leadership the perfect platform to showcase their opinions in an in-depth interview.

Our specialist content team will work closely with you to ensure key messages resonate fully with the audience.

These Q&A format interviews are the ideal way to bring your organisation’s views and expertise to EU decision makers, an audience already acutely aware of the importance of listening to stakeholders and of the necessity to take better informed policy decisions.

Standard package includes:

  • A double page spread
  • Shared and promoted across:
    • Social media channels
    • Newsletters
    • Online publication and promotion


PM+ membership gives your organisation the ability to publish and promote articles through The
Parliament Magazine’s website and social media channels.

This service will boost your visibility with our exclusive readership and benefit from the trust that our brand enjoys throughout the Brussels EU bubble.

Our specialist content team will help you maximise your reach and increase engagement with your content so
you can:

  • Promote your views
  • Respond to policy announcements and be heard
  • Share details about your activities and events

In addition, we will provide you with analytical insights into the effectiveness of your messaging.

Report Review

Our Report Review service offers an effective platform to promote your latest report, survey or publication
through an engaging double page spread in.

Our specialist content team will help to:

  • Draw out the key elements, positions and main conclusions of your report
  • Emphasise your organisation’s public policy credentials to your target audience of EU Policymakers and influencers


Webinars have become a vital communication and engagement channel and are now seen as essential for organisations looking to reach a broad audience.

Our all-inclusive Webinar service allows you to deliver your organisation’s messages effectively, powerfully and
personally, by combining high-quality video and interactive participation.

Our webinars can accommodate up to 500 attendees and include full technical and content support from our specialist teams.

Standard package includes:

  • Project management, including speaker selection guidance, social media promotion and attendee oversight
  • Post-webinar posting and promotion of webinar video
  • Video transcription
  • A dedicated double -page article devoted to webinar coverage in The Parliament Magazine and our online site.
  • Follow -up messaging to speakers and attendees

Event Coverage

It’s easy to overlook this critical source of communications content when you are acutely focused on the final details for that key policy webinar or annual conference.

Yet there is an audience out there that want to know what is being said – particularly when social distancing makes attending meetings a challenge.

This why our Event Coverage service package is so popular with EU associations, NGOs and Public Affairs consultancies.

Working in partnership with your Communications and Media Relations staff, we will help you highlight the main issues and takeaways of your event and ensure you pull the most memorable and eye-catching quotes from key speakers to highlight an in-depth, double -page spread.

Standard package includes:

  • Exclusive publication in our print magazine
  • A dedicated graphic identity
  • Drafting, editing of your content, with your final sign off
  • Sharing and promoting your content via our social media channels, newsletters, and the PM website

Bespoke Events

The Parliament Magazine’s range of conferences can be tailored to individual client’s needs, providing them with a high-level networking platform.

Partnering with us makes your organisation the focus of the debate and provides a unique opportunity to engage and share ideas with key policymakers and experts.

Standard package includes:

  • Logistics coordination, including securing venue, catering and registration
  • On-site event management: set up, rehearsals and staffing
  • Delegate packs and event programme design
  • Speaker and delegate liaison
  • Pre-event social media and marketing campaign
  • Post event follow up

MEP Awards

The prestigious MEP Awards take place at the glamorous and historic Concert Noble in Brussels, only a stone’s throw from the EU institutions.

The Awards bring together Members of the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council, as well as a huge representation from the wider EU bubble. It provides a unique opportunity for all to raise a glass in recognition of the dedication and commitment of our elected European deputies.

Our MEP Awards sponsorship packages will place your organisation at the heart of the celebrations, on a topic that matters to you.

The package includes:

  • The chance to present the trophy to the winning MEP on-stage
  • The opportunity to network and develop connections with key policymakers
  • Valuable marketing opportunities pre-, during and post-awards ceremony
  • Advertorial space in the shortlist guide distributed to all attendees on the night

Policy Events Media Pack

For more information on The Parliament Magazine policy events download our media pack.

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