Press releases

Celebrating European Biotech Week 2018

9 August 2018

EuropaBio is delighted to announce European Biotech Week 2018.

FAIR INTERNET coalition welcomes copyright vote

20 June 2018

The FAIR INTERNET coalition welcomes vote of the legal affairs committee in favour of a new Article -14a ensuring the payment of fair and proportionate remuneration for performers including for online exploitations.

AnimalhealthEurope welcomes alignment and finalisation of EU rules to support animal health

20 June 2018
Animalhealth Europe

AnimalhealthEurope applauds efforts to finalise new rules that will bring real benefits to both pets on long-term medication and their owners, as well as a more optimal, efficient and responsible administration of medicines via animal feed, supporting efforts to curb antibiotic resistance.

AnimalhealthEurope welcomes new rules on animal medicines

19 June 2018

AnimalhealthEurope welcomes the outcomes agreed by the negotiators for the new rules on animal medicines which should help to deliver greater access to a wide range of animal medicines to improve animal health management and animal welfare in Europe.

Innovation in animal health and sustainable livestock production in Europe: Two sides of the same coin?

7 June 2018
Animalhealth Europe

With the European Commission’s recently published proposal for a new common agricultural policy (CAP) deemed ‘fit for the future’, AnimalhealthEurope gathers parties with a stake in th future of livestock production in Europe to discuss the role of research and innovation in animal health, and to debate what future innovations are needed to ensure a resilient and sustainable livestock sector in Europe.

Safeguarding animal health and welfare: a priority for the future UK-EU relationship

23 May 2018

MEPs and stakeholders from the animal health industry gathered at the European Parliament to address key issues.

European Aluminium’s event on Industrial Policy unveils I+ Manifesto seeking to inspire 2019 EU elections

23 April 2018
European Aluminium

European Aluminium launched its new I+ Manifesto during its public event New Industrial Policy: what role for strategic value chains? held in Brussels. I+ Manifesto’ is a voluntary online initiative to foster the debate about the EU’s role in industrial policies for the upcoming EU elections.

World Animal Vaccination Day: Prevention is better than cure

20 April 2018

Brussels, 20 April 2018; Vets and the animal medicines industry join forces on World Animal Vaccination Day to remind Europe’s 80 million pet-owning households of the importance of vaccination, a cornerstone of responsible pet ownership that protects the important relationship people have with their pets.

EU must reinstate science in GMO safety assessment and eliminate unnecessary animal testing

17 April 2018

Beat Späth, Director of Agricultural Biotechnology at EuropaBio, calls for an end to unneeded animal testing.

Trust in food risk assessment essential for innovation

11 April 2018

EuropaBio's reaction to the EC proposal for a regulation on the transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chain.

European State of the Climate

4 April 2018
Copernicus ECMWF

On 10 April 2018, the Copernicus services implemented by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) will present a special event at the European Parliament in Brussels. 

Keep calm and let Africa take the lead

14 March 2018
The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)

The EU–Africa Dialogue: Supporting communities in wildlife conservation.

GMOinfo.EU brings you factual information on GMOs in your language

9 March 2018

EuropaBio, together with partners in 11 countries, is launching the website, which includes important information about GMOs in 10 different languages.

Bye, bye CECED, Hello APPLiA

8 March 2018

APPLiA is the new name of the Brussels-based association representing the home appliance manufacturers in Europe. 

Malmström ticked all boxes, says European Aluminium

8 March 2018
European Aluminium

European Aluminium applauds EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström’s statements concerning the potential US tariffs against all aluminium products from Europe. The association representing the entire aluminium value chain with more than 600 plants all across Europe encourages the executive body to take the necessary actions to fight for European jobs by applying WTO-compatible tools.

Alignment on animal health rules essential post-Brexit

5 March 2018

Brussels, 5 March 2018; Following the publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, and the recent UK Prime Minister’s Mansion House address, AnimalhealthEurope is pleased to see the importance of animal health given a prime focus in discussions.

DISCONTOOLS launches new website

14 February 2018
AnimalHealth Europe

Brussels; 14 February 2018 – DISCONTOOLS, the open-access database identifying research gaps to improve the control and management of more than 50 infectious diseases in animals – has just launched a brand new website with updated info for a majority of the prioritised diseases.

AnimalhealthEurope welcomes progress on Animal Medicines Legislative Package

20 December 2017

AnimalhealthEurope is pleased to see the European Council receive the mandate to enter into trilogue negotiations with the Commission and the Parliament to agree on the final text of the new EU Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed Regulations.

Real product testing does not entail superpowers, but right focus and financial resources

20 December 2017

 The freshly published Market Surveillance Draft Regulation recognises the importance of market surveillance authorities.