Victor Negrescu on the cover of PM 449

Issue 449 | 20 February 2017

Victor Negrescu interview, Sustainable Mobility, Rare Diseases & Access to Medicine, Brexit, EU-US, Plastic Waste & Marine Litter, Youth Unemployment,  5 questions with Sirpa...

PM 448

Issue 448 | 06 February 2017

Andrus Ansip interview, EU Budget Financing, Copyright, Mining Waste Directive, Trans-Fats, Audiovisual Media Services Directive, EU-Mercosur,  5 questions with Eva Kaili and more...

Tim Peake Oonthe cover of PM 447

Issue 447 | 23 January 2017

EU Space Strategy, Astronaut Tim Peake interview, New EP President, Brexit, Waste Management and the Circular Economy, Alcohol Strategy, EU-MERCOSUR Youth Entrepreneurship, Helicopters and the EU...

PM 446 Cover

Issue 446 | 19 December 2016

Winter energy package, Maltese Presidency preview, EU-Africa, Sustainable Development, One Belt, One Road, 5 questions with Roberta Metsola and more.

Jens Stoltenberg on the cover of PM 445

Issue 445 | 05 December 2016

Interview with Jens Stoltenberg, Energy Efficiency, EU-Algeria, Antimicrobial Resistance, EU-Bangladesh, Digital Skills, Gender Equality in Mental Health, 5 questions with Ulrike Lunacek and more...

Kaja Kallas on the cover of PM 444

Issue 444 | 21 November 2016

Interview with Kaja Kallas, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Waste Management, Access to Medicines, EU-Turkey, Neighbourhood Policy, CETA roundup, 5 questions with Catherine Stihler and more...

Helga Stevens on the cover of PM 443

Issue 443 | 7 November 2016

Interview with Helga Stevens, Aviation Strategy, Food Labelling, Powering Europe's innovation economy, SME Week, tackling Pancreatic Cancer, 5 questions with Alessia Mosca and more.

IEEE 2016 front cover

IEEE | Considering the ethics

A Parliament Magazine special supplement with IEEE on AI and robotics, and the need to look at ethics


Issue 442 | 24 October 2016

Interview with Maroš Šefčovič, EU single market, ACP-EU partnership, energy union, 5 questions with Michał Boni and more.

Steffan Eck on the cover of PM 441

Issue 441 | 10 October 2016

Telecoms, Copyright, interview with Stefan Eck, Pesticides, Pet trafficking, ETS, Fertilizers Regulation, 5 Questions with Marco Affronte MEP and more…

Regional Review October 2016

Regional Review | October 2016

European Week of Regions and Cities, ESI funds, Knowledge-based Economy, protecting the Eastern Partnership, future of Cohesion Policy and more...

Alyn Smith on the cover of PM 440

Issue 440 | 26 September 2016

European Health Forum Gastein special issue, Biotech Week, interview with Alyn Smith, CETA vs TTIP, Wildflife trafficking, ETS, 5 Questions with Daniel Dalton MEP and more…

Pervenche Beres on the cover of PM 439

Issue 439 | 12 September 2016

La Rentrée, Mobility Week, interview with Pervenche Berès, EU Alcohol Strategy, EU Week of Sport, GMOs, 5 Questions with 5 star movement MEP...

Ivan Korcok on the cover of PM438

Issue 438 | 11 July 2016

Slovak EU Council Presidency interview with Ivan Korčok, Copyright Reform, Firearms Directive, 5G Technology, EU Biodiversity Strategy, 5 Questions with entrepreneur and rights activist Madi...

Brexit on the cover of PM 437

Issue 437 | 27 June 2016

Brexit referendum special issue, Telecoms Reform, Sustainable Tourism, Digital Startups, Climate Change and the EU's Effort Sharing Decision, 5 Questions with Europol Director Rob Wainwright and...

Brexit on the cover of PM 436

Issue 436 | 13 June 2016

Pre-Brexit referendum special issue, 2030 Climate and Energy Framework, Sustainable Energy Week preview, PMR, REACH Simplification, Circular Economy, 5 Questions with Maria Arena and more…

Front cover PM435

Issue 435 | 30 May 2016

Ian Duncan interview, Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) reform, EU Development Days preview, Sustainable Development Week, eHealth, Blood & Plasma policy, 5 Questions with Angelika Niebler and...

EADV 2016 cover

EADV Supplement - May 2016

A Parliament Magazine special supplement on protecting Europe's outdoor workers from skin cancer

Karmenu Vella on the cover of PM 434

Issue 434 | 16 May 2016

Karmenu Vella interview, Green Week preview, EU Maritime Day, Space Solutions conference, Steel Crisis, European Week Against Cancer, Foie Gras, 5 Questions with CoR president Markku Markkula and...

Viviane Reding on the cover of PM 433

Issue 433 | 02 May 2016

Viviane Reding interview, 5G Action Plan, High North Policy, Work-Life Balance, Decarbonising Transport, ETS reform, Circular Economy, 5 Questions with Françoise Grossetête and more

Christos Stylianides on the cover of PM 432

Issue 432 | 18 April 2016

Christos Stylianides interview, Energy Union, Smart Cities, fisheries, Allergy Prevention, Immunisation Week, Parliament Chauffeurs, 5 Questions with Brando Benifei and...

Chrystia Freeland on the cover of PM 431

Issue 431 | 04 April 2016

Chrystia Freeland interview, EU-Canada trade agreement, Healthy Ageing, Labour Mobility, Savchenko verdict reaction, EU-US relationship, 5 Questions with Emilian Pavel and...

Front cover PM430 21 March 2016

Issue 430 | 21 March 2016

Ana Gomes interview, EU defence policy, World Water Day, EU Medical Corps, relations with Israel, ETS, 5 Questions with Paul Rübig and more

European Parliament Audiovisual

Issue 429 | 07 March 2016

Barbara Matera interview, EU space policy, EU China trade, World Kidney Day, 5G technology, Brain Awareness Week, 5 Questions with Catherine Bearder and more

Front cover PM428 22 Feb 2016

Issue 428| 22 February 2016

Guy Verhofstadt interview, Sustainable Transport, Agriculture, Schengen Crisis, China MES, 5 Questions with Cécile Kyenge, and more.

Paul Nuttall on the cover of PM 427

Issue 427 | 08 February 2016

Paul Nuttall interview, Antimicrobial resistance, Muslim Integration, Mhealth, 5Qs with Konstadinka Kuneva, Safer Internet Day and more...

Circular economy on the cover of PM 426

Issue 426 | 25 January 2016

Full Circle: An exclusive interview with the European Commission's Fantastic Four, Frans Timmermans, Jyrki Katainen, Karmenu Vella & Elżbieta Bieńkowska.  Also: Simona Bonafè, ...

Cover of 2015 Algeria Supplement

Algeria Supplement | Dec 2015

A Parliament Magazine special supplement | A stronger partnership for mutual development

PM425 Cover featuring Bert Koenders

Issue 425 | 21 December 2015

Dutch Foreign minister Bert Koenders, Dutch EU Council presidency preview, safeguarding Europe's cultural heritage, World Malaria Report, Internet of Things, 5Qs with Tanja Fajon, eSkills and more...