The Parliament Magazine's January Issue

The January issue of The Parliament is now available to read online. This month's policy focus: Food

We have a lot on the menu for this first edition of the year. While January, the month of ambitious New Year’s resolutions, is usually the moment to try to shed stubborn kilos gained from Christmas cookies and holiday roasts, we cooked up a lavish meal for you – with an eye to how the future might taste.  

From fried chicken grown from animal cells in a bioreactor to chocolate gelato whipped up from thin air, scientists are creating dishes with the potential to revolutionise Europe’s food systems. Plus, the nascent field of gastrodiplomacy demonstrates the soft power of food. And we explore how Ukraine’s potential accession to the European Union could give the bloc’s farming sector a green push.  

If you’re hungry for more, we spill the beans on what the election outcome in Poland means for Europe more broadly. Farther south, hydroelectricity is drying up Albania’s rivers, while Greece’s forests are equally thirsty. We take a closer look at the country’s wildfire prevention plans after devastating fires last summer.  

And if there is still room for dessert, allow our arts-and-culture section to take you on a trip to Tartu, Bodø and Salzkammergut, the three European Capitals of Culture for 2024. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of Belgian artist James Ensor’s passing – and we’ll show you where you can get a taste of the beloved painter’s stunning oeuvre. 

Bon appétit!