EU-ASEAN Partnership: Developing closer ties, from trade to sustainability

The Parliament's latest special edition supplement, on the future of the EU-ASEAN partnership, is now live

This special supplement on EU-ASEAN relations was produced in partnership with the EU Neighbourhood Monitor. It showcases the EU Neighbourhood Monitor's commitment to deepening ties between Europe and Southeast Asia – a region of strategic importance and vibrant potential for the EU. It also explores the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, highlighting the importance of collaboration in areas ranging from trade to sustainability.

Through rigorous analysis and thoughtful commentary, we aim to offer readers a clear sense of the biggest risks threatening to undermine closer EU-ASEAN relations. Geopolitical disorder, trade disputes and even international legal battles are rapidly converging, creating a potential perfect storm. The contributions from the experts gathered here aim to look at these issues not as separate trends, but as interconnected challenges which require joined-up thinking to address.