The Parliament Magazine's December Issue

The December issue of The Parliament is now available to read online. This month's policy focus: Health

Winter is coming, and as the cold season settles over Europe, we put on our white coats and take out our stethoscopes to perform a thorough check of the EU’s health policies.  

Having weathered the storm of the Covid pandemic, policymakers are acutely aware that the bloc needs to be better prepared for potential health emergencies. In an exclusive interview, EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides maps out her plans.  

The forecast of future challenges is long: In this month’s policy focus, we examine antibiotic resistance, shortages of critical medicines, and a level of air pollution that puts a surprising 96 per cent of people living in the EU at risk. Will artificial intelligence bring the cure? While it is already revolutionising the sector, there are also calls for caution.  

Meanwhile, we packed our bags and travelled to Moldova to report on a forgotten pandemic. Could an EU membership help the country fight its high Tuberculosis rate?  

Such heavy topics call for a revitalizing dosage of art - something you can now get a medical prescription for, as health experts discover the healing power of culture. We prescribe an exhibition of Ukrainian art in Brussels, and recommend exporting a cherished Icelandic tradition to the continent: Jólabókaflóð, the Christmas book flood.  

But let’s allow us to forget about healthy living for a moment and indulge in some comfort food - as we all know, food can be therapy as well. With the holidays just around the corner, German MEP Markus Ferber shares a snowflake-inspired Christmas cookie recipe. 

Enjoy this read around Europe & stay warm.