EU referendum campaign an opportunity for UK socialists to unite

Impending Brexit referendum can be a ’magic bullet‘ for divided British Labour party, says key shadow minister

17 Feb 2016

In an exclusive interview with the Parliament Magazine's sister publication, Total Politics, British Labour shadow minister for women & equalities Catherine "Cat" Smith, argues that the upcoming in-out EU referendum could be act as a magic bullet, with the ‘Labour In For Britain’ campaign providing the perfect vehicle for the party's warring tribes to come together.

“If you look at the first half of (British Labour party leader) Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, where we’ve pulled together on tax credits or police cuts or the Saudi prisons deal, we’ve won. And it’s very much when we’re united that we can set the agenda.”


"So coming up, I think the obvious thing is going to be the EU. We all expect a referendum this year on the EU, so that’s where the Labour party can really gel, because we are united on Europe, we all want to remain part of the EU,” says Smith .

“We’re not saying that the EU is all we’d ever dream it to be, it’s not ideal, but we want to be part of a reformed EU. I think that’s possibly where we can make a lot of progress because we’re all pushing in the same direction.”

You can read Total Politics editor David Singleton's full interview with Cat Smith here.