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PM+: Huawei welcomes Juncker to top commission post

15 July 2014

Huawei warmly welcomes the election of Jean-Claude Juncker as new president of the European commission.

PM+: 'Harmonised vision' key to realising single euro payments area

4 July 2014

Whether or not SEPA will deliver on its potential depends on the EU and governments agreeing on 'who should do what', argues Javier Santamaría.

PM+: Digital transformation key to delivering EU sustainability targets

24 June 2014

Going green is no longer a jump into the unknown, but a smart step towards a sustainable and profitable future for Europe's business, argues Martin Hurley

PM+: EU-Montenegro relations must be founded on rule of law

23 June 2014

The rule of law must be firmly on this week's EU-Montenegro summit agenda, argues Andrey Petrushinin.

PM+: 'Decisive EU action' on endocrine disruptors could save billions

20 June 2014

Replacing harmful chemicals could bring annual cost savings of €31bn by avoiding cases of diabetes, obesity, hormone...

PM+: Mainstreaming the digital agenda: the time is now

27 May 2014

The EU's newly elected policymakers must put the digital economy high on the agenda, writes Tony Graziano.

PM+: Montenegro's future place in Europe

26 May 2014

It’s time for Montenegrins to reflect on what kind of future they want for their country, argues Matthias Menke.

PM+: CCS will secure Europe's energy future

22 May 2014

Carbon capture and storage will allow EU to meet climate goals, preserve jobs, sustain competitiveness and energy security, says Graeme...

PM+: EU policymakers must enhance 'competitiveness and attractiveness' for business

22 May 2014

EU needs support of the business community in creating unified vision to move the economy 'forward', says Robert Gogel.

PM+: Costs of FTT 'ultimately borne' by pensions

12 May 2014

If plans go ahead, pensions must be 'exempt from application' of financial transaction tax, argues Matti Leppälä.

PM+: EU must support plant breeding 'toolbox'

9 May 2014

The EU must 'take right decisions' to support the 'success story' of plant breeding innovation, argues Garlich Von Essen.

PM+: Europe needs to put aside 'failed policies of past'

9 May 2014

As presidency candidates call for 'new start', very few concrete plans are being put forward on 'Europe's youth', says Patrik Kovács.

PM+: EU action needed to meet growing demand for workers with eSkills

8 May 2014

Europe’s technology sector is actively engaged with national governments in tackling the EU’s growing eSkills gap, writes John Higgins.

PM+: Blocking mosquito bites ‘effective’ method to eradicate malaria

29 April 2014

Prevention, through the use of insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying, is one of the best ways to win the battle against malaria, writes Egon Weinmueller.

PM+: New EU state aid guidelines 'maintain' existing system

24 April 2014

The revision of state aid guidelines sees commission favour 'maintaining' system that 'ignores progressive shift' toward decentralisation and renewables, argues Alexandre Roesch....

PM+: Green tech development an economic ‘no brainer’ for EU

24 April 2014

The EU must unleash the ‘full potential’ of Europe’s green technology entrepreneurs, by doing more to help turn their ideas into successful businesses, argues Elena Bou.

PM+: EU 'substantially weakens' informed consent in clinical trials regulation

23 April 2014

As the clinical trials regulation reaches implementation, Katrin Fjeldsted highlights the importance of both 'informed consent' and 'medical ethics'.

PM+: MEPs must 'stand-up' for citizens and democracy against 'big business'

17 April 2014

Max Bank explains why MEPs must fight against 'excessive lobbying influence' of banks and business.

PM+: MEPs must seize ‘opportunity’ to increase corporate transparency

11 April 2014

European companies have been allowed to turn a blind eye to abuses in their supply chains for far too long, argues Jerome Chaplier.