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PM+: Rare cancers a major EU public health problem

6 February 2015

A new system of European reference networks would improve cancer patient treatment, argues Paolo G. ...

PM+: Low income linked to childhood obesity

6 February 2015

Poorly educated are struggling to sustain healthy lifestyles, argues Jean-Michel Borys.

PM+: The power of girls

10 October 2014

Failing to invest in girls is not only a missed opportunity, it's tantamount to planning for poverty, warn Alexandra Makaroff...

PM+: Progress report highlights increasing EU impatience with Montenegro

9 October 2014

There is growing EU frustration with Montenegro's 'contempt' for the rule of law, argues Matthias Menke.

PM+: Europe's plastics industry 'a strategic partner' in EU's economic recovery

7 October 2014

EU policymakers need to set a new course that allows a genuine and innovative sustainability agenda to play its part in boosting economic recovery, argues Karl-H. Foerster.

PM+: Oettinger EU commission nomination emphasises that 'digital is the new oil'

29 September 2014

Despite the political hysteria, digital enthusiasts should welcome the appointment of Günther Oettinger to the EU's top digital role, argues Jonathan Zuck 

PM+: Digital economy driving EU growth

29 September 2014

Social media platforms are connecting Europe's SMEs to vast audiences that they would otherwise be unable to access, argues Erika Mann

PM+: Team Juncker - connecting the EU's digital dots

16 September 2014

How many European commissioners does it take to get grandma online, asks Huawei's Tony Graziano.

PM+: EU broadband and broadcast: getting on the same wavelength?

10 September 2014

The 700 MHz band is key to developing Europe's mobile broadband networks, writes Alessandro Casagni.

PM+: Tide is turning for EU's telecoms sector

25 August 2014

If Europe wants to establish a leading role in the digital world, then some kind of EU level coordination mechanism is vital, argues James Elles.

PM+: Huawei welcomes Juncker to top commission post

15 July 2014

Huawei warmly welcomes the election of Jean-Claude Juncker as new president of the European commission.

PM+: 'Harmonised vision' key to realising single euro payments area

4 July 2014

Whether or not SEPA will deliver on its potential depends on the EU and governments agreeing on 'who should do what', argues Javier Santamaría.

PM+: Digital transformation key to delivering EU sustainability targets

24 June 2014

Going green is no longer a jump into the unknown, but a smart step towards a sustainable and profitable future for Europe's business, argues Martin Hurley

PM+: EU-Montenegro relations must be founded on rule of law

23 June 2014

The rule of law must be firmly on this week's EU-Montenegro summit agenda, argues Andrey Petrushinin.

PM+: 'Decisive EU action' on endocrine disruptors could save billions

20 June 2014

Replacing harmful chemicals could bring annual cost savings of €31bn by avoiding cases of diabetes, obesity, hormone...

PM+: Mainstreaming the digital agenda: the time is now

27 May 2014

The EU's newly elected policymakers must put the digital economy high on the agenda, writes Tony Graziano.

PM+: Montenegro's future place in Europe

26 May 2014

It’s time for Montenegrins to reflect on what kind of future they want for their country, argues Matthias Menke.