No compromise on air quality

13 June 2016

EU and national policymakers need to place more emphasis on the use of alternative fuels, argues Cécile Nourigat.

GMOs: Time to stand up for EU law and innovation

2 June 2016

MEPs have the chance to support innovation and evidence-based authorisation procedures when they meet next week in Strasbourg, says Pedro Narro Sanchez.

Effective ETS reform must resolve issue of indirect carbon costs compensation

24 May 2016

Ensuring compensation for indirect costs will be pivotal in making ETS work for power-intensive industries, argues Gerd Götz.

European Maritime Day: EU must address issue of flags of convenience

12 May 2016

A primary condition for quality European shipping is the prevention of unfair competition, argues Philippe Alfonso.


Closing the circular economy loop

26 April 2016

The circular economy needs to tackle both technical and carbon loops. Bio-based plastics can provide the means, argues Henri Colens.

Threat of widespread fish laundering hanging over Europe's restaurants

19 April 2016

One in three fish species served in restaurants in Brussels are not what they seem, reveals Lasse Gustavsson.

A real circular economy needs to address the challenge of scrap flow

18 April 2016

Aluminium will play a major role in delivering the European Commission’s circular economy ambitions; therefore we must retain our existing resources in the face of high international demand -...

SIOPE and ExPO-r-Net Project welcome forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation stance on health data

8 April 2016

The compromise text of the General Data Protection Regulation offers strong but proportionate governance structures for the safe and ethical use of personal health data information in clinical...

Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: The EU must act now

7 April 2016

The EU must apply pressure on Armenia to respect the ceasefire and abandon the illegal occupation of occupied regions of Azerbaijan, says Azay Guliyev.

Burning wood for residential heating must not hinder fight against air pollution

6 April 2016

Policymakers must focus their attention on developing advanced technologies in the battle against air pollution, argue the Lombardy Regional Environmental Protection Agency's Silvia Anna...

Europe's space industry is an EU success story

30 March 2016

Innovative Satellite technology and applications are key to delivering Europe's future space strategy, writes Christine Leurquin.

World Water Day: Providing universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene is a huge challenge

21 March 2016

But with the European Union's support of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, clean water can become a reality that transforms our world, writes WaterAid’s Margaret Batty.

New plant breeding solutions key to EU agri-food production

10 March 2016

The EU needs to support technology uptake by SMEs if it wants to remain a global leader in plant breeding and agriculture, argues Aleksandra Malyska.

European Parliament vote adds weight to calls for democratic reform in Montenegro

10 March 2016

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović’s western charm offensive is crumbling at his feet, argues Andrey Petrushinin.

Collective and sustainable solutions key to tackling twin dangers of air pollution and climate change

7 March 2016

Understanding the connections between air pollution and climate change could help deliver win-win climate mitigation options, argues Erika von Schneidemesser.

On-pack information key to helping consumers make informed choices on sugar intake

4 March 2016

Whether at EU or national level, the European soft drinks industry is at the forefront of sugar and calorie reduction, writes Sigrid Ligné.

EU policymakers must reinforce the circular economy package

22 February 2016

Europe's recycling sector is potentially the driving force at the heart of the EU's fledgling circular economy, argues Emmanuel Katrakis.

Circular Economy: how MEPs can prioritise material recovery

22 February 2016

To achieve a real circular economy, the EU must take measures to ensure that materials embedded in products are properly recovered and recycled, writes Annick Carpentier.

EU must fully consider consequences of granting China Market Economy Status

15 February 2016

Free trade and open markets are important, but they are only free and open when everyone plays by the rules, argues Gerd Götz.