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Water coming from a pipe

PM+: Right to water and sanitation still an 'unrealised dream'

25 March 2015

Ahead of World water day 2015, Jack Moss argues that the EU's strong track record on water management is key to achieving even better results.

Passport check

PM+: Free movement an 'asset' to EU economy

20 March 2015

It's time to dispel the myth of so-called 'benefits tourism', argues Assya Kavrakova.


PM+: MEPs voice 'serious concern' over Montenegro EU accession

20 March 2015

Montenegro's contempt for the rule of law could well see its EU membership hopes dashed, warns Matthias Menke.


PM+: EU must take action to close ivory trade loopholes

17 March 2015

EU policymakers need to chip in and do their part in tackling the illegal wildlife trade, argues Sonja Van Tichelen.


PM+: Empowering families will boost EU economy

16 March 2015

EU policymakers need to support families in reconciling work, family and care responsibilities, argues Agnes Uhereczky...

PM+: One-time consent on data protection rules a 'necessity' for European health research

13 March 2015

The risk of potentially damaging consequences to Europe's health research if EU policymakers don't get Europe's data protection rules right is clear, argues John Crown.

Energy, renewables

PM+: Energy union a 'significant improvement'

6 March 2015

New plan should result in a more coherent approach to Europe's energy sector, argues Frederik Dahlmann.

oil vs renewables

PM+: EU policymakers must send 'clear signal' on energy policy

6 March 2015

Recent announcements on energy are welcome but the 'devil is in the detail', says Sandrine Dixson-Declève.

EU energy labelling

PM+: Don’t 'overcook' EU ecodesign rules warns domestic equipment sector

2 March 2015

Policymakers must make sure they don’t overregulate the home appliances industry, argues Paolo Falcioni.

A combine harvester and a tractor on a farm

PM+: Farming lobby warns against cutting EU biofuel targets

27 February 2015

Now is not the time to jeopardise the benefits of biofuel production, says Pekka Pesonen.

PM+: Fuel quality directive 'implementing measure' set to boost EU uptake of less polluting fuels

27 February 2015

Developing a diverse mix of transport fuels is key to achieving a 'cleaner, more efficient and climate-friendly' European transport sector, argues Samuel Maubanc.


PM+: Bioethanol vital in fight to decarbonise EU transport

25 February 2015

Bioethanol can help fuel a more sustainable European economy but needs dedicated support, argues Robert Wright.

PM+: Kidney disease must be included in EU action on chronic conditions

25 February 2015

ADPKD treatment could set the standard for tackling complex genetic conditions, argue Tess...

IFAH-Europe, AMR, antimicrobial resistance, animals,

PM+: Monitoring and transparency key to tackling animal antibiotic resistance

20 February 2015

There is a weak correlation between animal consumption of antibiotics and human resistance, argues Rick Clayton.


PM+: Threat of 'half-measures and legislative uncertainty' hanging over EU biofuels policy

20 February 2015

It's make or break time for the sustainable European production of advanced biofuels, warns Chris Malins.

Rare cancers Europe

PM+: Rare cancers a major EU public health problem

6 February 2015

A new system of European reference networks would improve cancer patient treatment, argues Paolo G. ...

Childhood obesity

PM+: Low income linked to childhood obesity

6 February 2015

Poorly educated are struggling to sustain healthy lifestyles, argues Jean-Michel Borys.