EU urged to act on the possible health risks of mineral wool

17 July 2019

More needs to be done to make more people aware of the potential dangers of mineral wool, writes James Wilson

Delivering 5G is not rocket science

12 July 2019

European technology is at the forefront, so how can policy speed up a digitalised economy, asks Gabriel Solomon.

Tanger Med promises to bring EU-Morocco cooperation to the next level

10 July 2019

Tangier overlooks a sea of opportunities with the launch of the Mediterranean's largest port just 14 km away from the EU, says Eli Hadzhieva - founder and director of Dialogue for Europe...

A new chapter in EU-Ukraine relations

9 July 2019

Ukraine’s home is the European family of nations, says Alexey Perevezentsev - Ukrainian State Secretary for Economic Development and Trade.

An antidote to fear-based politics?

8 July 2019

Europe’s new leaders must tackle disinformation, argues EuropaBio’s Beat Späth

AI: will Europe create value or merely defend its values?

3 July 2019

By bringing together technical expertise and know-how with vast scale and data the EU can achieve a more effective and pragmatic approach to AI policy, writes Digital Europe’s Cecilia Bonefeld-...

The (not so) beautiful game

1 July 2019

Qatar’s blatant disregard for worker wellbeing is a stain on the football world, argues Willy Fautré.

The EU must be cautious of lurching into an era of global trade wars

1 July 2019

Europe’s increasingly protectionist policies are sabotaging its trade relations across the world, argues Massimo Cugusi.

Want to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? Invest in Big Data and AI

27 June 2019

Agnieszka Łukaszczyk explains how satellite imagery can help set the UN Sustainable Development Goals back on track.

The right EU budget for the next seven years

18 June 2019

Europe must boost its investment in research and innovation, argue the European University Association’s Rolf Tarrach and Michael Murphy

Why doesn’t the EU want to lead on photonics?

17 June 2019

When countries around the world are sinking billions into deep technologies like photonics, why does it always feel like the EU is consistently applying the brake, asks Carlos Lee.

A new approach to managing air traffic in Europe

3 June 2019

CANSO Director of European Affairs & Civil Air Navigation Services Tanja Grobotek explains.

Respecting science and ethics: the case of GMOs

14 May 2019

Reasoned policymaking on GM crops requires a philosophical, as well as scientific analysis, argues Andreas Christiansen....

Four foolproof ways towards a better Europe

7 May 2019

To remain world leaders in research and innovation, Europe’s universities need more supportive policies and funding frameworks

A commitment to carers

17 April 2019

Not before time, the needs of carers are now firmly in the policy spotlight, writes Vanessa Pott.

Why increasing adherence to therapy is vital to improving patient quality of life

4 April 2019

Candidates running in the upcoming European elections should ensure that adherence to therapy is enshrined as a right for all, argue Italian MEPs Danilo Oscar Lancini, Patrizia Toia and Aldo...

Childhood cancer: An urgent European problem

1 April 2019

Pamela Kearns calls on returning and candidate MEPs to pledge their support to paediatric oncology and haematology and sign the SIOP Europe and CCI Europe Manifesto

Innovation happens where it’s welcome

25 March 2019

If we want European SMEs and farmers to be innovators and compete at the highest levels, then we must ensure that the EU’s legislative framework is focussed on incentivising innovation and applied...