Collective and sustainable solutions key to tackling twin dangers of air pollution and climate change

7 March 2016

Understanding the connections between air pollution and climate change could help deliver win-win climate mitigation options, argues Erika von Schneidemesser.

On-pack information key to helping consumers make informed choices on sugar intake

4 March 2016

Whether at EU or national level, the European soft drinks industry is at the forefront of sugar and calorie reduction, writes Sigrid Ligné.

EU policymakers must reinforce the circular economy package

22 February 2016

Europe's recycling sector is potentially the driving force at the heart of the EU's fledgling circular economy, argues Emmanuel Katrakis.

Circular Economy: how MEPs can prioritise material recovery

22 February 2016

To achieve a real circular economy, the EU must take measures to ensure that materials embedded in products are properly recovered and recycled, writes Annick Carpentier.

EU must fully consider consequences of granting China Market Economy Status

15 February 2016

Free trade and open markets are important, but they are only free and open when everyone plays by the rules, argues Gerd Götz.

Call for urgent rethink on EU policies aimed at tackling extremism

19 January 2016

2016 began as 2015 ended, with several Islamist-inspired attacks, both in the Middle East (Egypt, Syria and Iraq), as well as in Europe and the US, writes Magnus Norell.

Circular Economy: Europe's home appliance industry leading the way

16 December 2015

Much of the common sense thinking behind the circular economy already drives the home appliance industry says Paolo Falcioni.

State of the Energy Union: Alternative fuels have essential role in tackling climate change

16 December 2015

The EU is on the right track to attain its decarbonisation goals, but must do more to cut its road transport sector emissions, argues Samuel Maubanc.

Sustainability starts at home

2 December 2015

Look again at your home appliances as they can help tackle climate change and green the economy says Paolo Falcioni.

Between EU and Eurasia: Which future for human rights in Armenia?

2 December 2015

Armenia's abrupt political U-turn, clearly imposed by Moscow, has interrupted a number of promising legislative processes in the field of human rights.

EU Labour Mobility Package: An opportunity to drive growth and create jobs

18 November 2015

Better enforcement of existing provisions, access to information and cooperation between member states are key to ensuring the fair mobility of workers, argues Denis Pennel.

Responsible approach is the key to minimising antibiotic resistance

17 November 2015

Antibiotic resistance poses a serious risk. Roxanne Feller of IFAH-Europe explains how the animal health industry’s considered and responsible approach plays a vital role in containing the threat...

PM+: Montenegro's 'Façade democracy' conceals corrupt and authoritarian regime

12 November 2015

Montenegro latest progress report is a timely reminder of the contempt with which the country's prime minister Milo Đukanović treats the European institutions, argues Andrey Petrushinin

PM+: Delaying China market economy status vital for EU's competitiveness

5 November 2015

If Europe wants to avoid becoming China's dumping ground, then it must postpone granting China market economy status, argue Milan Nitzschke and Laurent Ruessmann.

PM+: GMO authorisation needs legal certainty

26 October 2015

Ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on the use of GMOs, Nathalie Moll calls for a shift to a more coherent and science-based approach to EU policymaking.

PM+: Arctic collaboration key to smart and sustainable development in High North

26 October 2015

Fundamental and accelerating changes in the Arctic are bringing new challenges and opportunities, writes Jardar Jensen.

PM+: European Parliament must back powerful EU citizens' initiative

26 October 2015

The European citizens' initiative is at risk of being undermined by several amendments, argues Gerald Häfner. 


PM+: EU must close illegal fishing loopholes for vessels operating outside European waters

20 October 2015

MEPs must help end the current lack of transparency, accountability and sustainability in EU external fisheries rules, argues Lasse Gustavsson.

PM+: EU lacking effective response to extremist online propaganda

30 September 2015

Who is controlling the counter-narratives to extremism? This is the question that many EU policymakers want answered, argues Tehmina Kazi.

PM+: UN disability review should be a wake-up call for EU policymakers

28 September 2015

EU leaders need to implement a more comprehensive disability approach within the EU legislative framework, argues Luk Zelderloo.