The Private Sector must unite to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

2 April 2020

Businesses, government and civil society can lead together, with compassion and solidarity, writes CEO of Kale Group Zeynep Bodur Okyay.

Me(a)t the Future

31 March 2020

Karsten Maier highlights the functioning of the food-chain during crisis and its approach to future EU policy.

Why the EU should rethink its push for a digital research and education “lighthouse”

30 March 2020

Europe must connect its ambition of being a digital leader with initiatives already happening at its universities, says Amanda Crowfoot.

Why Coronavirus means the EU must suspend its palm oil ban

20 March 2020

In light of Coronavirus, the EU must suspend its proposed palm oil ban – for the sake of its own economy and millions of Malaysia’s poorest, argues Youssef Kobo.

Technology for all

3 March 2020

Women must be leaders in the new technological era, says Huawei’s Abraham Liu.

Why Ampere Energy's historic deal with Copec will accelerate the clean energy transition

26 February 2020

Solar storage company Ampere could have the answer to the renewable energy source’s biggest challenge - intermittency, writes Andrew Boff.

Home is where the heat is

20 February 2020

Consumer preferences must be considered as the EU strives to become a leader in tackling climate change and the new European Commission is devising a Green Deal for Europe. The role of...

The Coffee Festivals of Jazan

6 February 2020

Saeed Khan explains why Europe should take note of Saudi Arabia’s coffee.

Qatar World Cup migrant workers toiling under exploitative labour standards

28 January 2020

When it comes to Qatar’s ‘commitment to reform’, we’ve heard it all before, argues Human Rights Without Frontiers’ Willy Fautré.

Trial shows why Croatian Presidency of the EU endangers Europe

28 January 2020

The prosecution of MOL energy head Hernádi Zsolt under controversial circumstances, reveals both corruption within the Croatian government, and the influence of Vladimir Putin over...

Getting to the Green Deal: Don’t rule out alternative fuels

20 January 2020

A coalition of vehicle manufacturers and fuel producers are calling for consistency in defining alternative fuels.

Arab News led poll shows Arab world at a ‘major turning point

14 January 2020

A ground-breaking Arab News-led poll shows reshaping of mosque and state is transforming the region. Andrew Boff looks at what is driving this change.

Giving offices ‘New Ways of Work’

19 December 2019

Yeliz Bicici explains how Offices of Cofinimmo are meeting Brussels’s office market needs.

Happy holidays: family, friends, food and anaphylactic shock?

9 December 2019

At this time of year, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the potential dangers of food allergens. Proper implementation of EU food allergen regulation saves lives, explains Charles...

The EU should demand urgent action on Romania’s shameful prison conditions

4 December 2019

Former MEP Dr Charles Tannock shines a light on the inhumane treatment prisoners suffer in Romania.

What if technology could help us hack climate change?

4 December 2019

Cutting-edge technologies such as AI are here to make our lives easier, but they can also be used to make them more sustainable, writes APPLiA’s Paolo Falcioni.

A GovTech Ecosystem approach is needed to reap the Benefits of AI

4 December 2019

The potential to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for positive change is great. However, government leaders cannot manage it alone. A task of this magnitude requires collaboration with the...

A digitally-transformed European society

3 December 2019

Europe’s digital leaders are getting together on 6 February at DIGITALEUROPE’s Masters of Digital 2020 conference to look at what the next 20 years of technological development could bring to...

How the soft drinks industry is walking the talk on sustainability and responsibility

2 December 2019

Europe’s soft drinks industry is embracing sustainability and responsibility, UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe’s Nicholas Hodac explains.