Four foolproof ways towards a better Europe

7 May 2019

To remain world leaders in research and innovation, Europe’s universities need more supportive policies and funding frameworks

A commitment to carers

17 April 2019

Not before time, the needs of carers are now firmly in the policy spotlight, writes Vanessa Pott.

Why increasing adherence to therapy is vital to improving patient quality of life

4 April 2019

Candidates running in the upcoming European elections should ensure that adherence to therapy is enshrined as a right for all, argue Italian MEPs Danilo Oscar Lancini, Patrizia Toia and Aldo...

Childhood cancer: An urgent European problem

1 April 2019

Pamela Kearns calls on returning and candidate MEPs to pledge their support to paediatric oncology and haematology and sign the SIOP Europe and CCI Europe Manifesto

Innovation happens where it’s welcome

25 March 2019

If we want European SMEs and farmers to be innovators and compete at the highest levels, then we must ensure that the EU’s legislative framework is focussed on incentivising innovation and applied...

EU action on radicalisation needs to be targeted at grassroots level

18 March 2019

Three years after the Brussels attacks, democracy and grassroots activities offer an antidote to radicalisation, writes Francesco Farinelli

Ericsson: Europe’s 5G Partner

18 March 2019

Digital transformation promises to unleash a new era of productivity that will touch all our lives, explains Erik Ekudden.

Polystyrene: A highly recyclable plastic

26 February 2019

Despite common assumptions that polystyrene is less recyclable than other polymers, polystyrene-based products can have multiple lives, explains Jens Kathmann.

A vote for animal health is a vote for your own health

21 February 2019

A Europe whose political and regulatory framework stimulates the growth of innovation in the animal health sector is a Europe that secures a more sustainable future for all, writes Roxane Feller...

Brexit: Urgent clarity needed concerning Erasmus+ and Horizon2020

19 February 2019

With a disorderly Brexit now a real and fast-approaching threat, detailed technical guidance from the European Commission is crucial for those participating with UK partners in EU programmes like...

The foundation of modern Bahrain

14 February 2019

Bahrain’s National Action Charter laid the foundations of the nation as a representative democracy and constitutional monarchy

Collaboration is key to improving the care of children with rare cancers

11 February 2019

The EU funded PARTNER project is set to improve research quality and treatment outcomes for children who have rare tumours, explain Professor Gianni Bisogno, Professor Ruth Ladenstein and Dr...

Flourishing trade is bringing Ukraine and EU closer together

24 January 2019

Ukraine has built a lasting partnership with the European Union, underpinned by trade and security, explains Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze.

Time for General Practitioners to have full professional recognition

18 January 2019

The important role that GPs play in Europe’s healthcare systems needs to be recognised at EU level, argues Aldo Lupo

DRC election crisis is the litmus test for a true EU-Africa partnership

17 January 2019

With diplomatic relations between the Democratic Republic of Congo and the EU at an all-time low, the country's election crisis will be a litmus test as to whether the EU has serious intentions...

How Europe has priced out innovation: the example of plants

16 January 2019

Europe is lagging behind on several breakthrough technologies, especially in the field of agricultural biotechnology, explains Joanna Dupont-Inglis.

Stopping the ‘Hezbollahisation’ of Yemen

20 December 2018

As with Hezbollah, the EU should designate the Houthis as terrorists, argues Julie Lenarz.

Helping European consumers to make informed nutritional choices

7 December 2018

Expanding ‘traffic light’ labelling trials across Europe can help build consumer awareness around this well-established nutritional information scheme, explains PepsiCo’s Silviu Popovici.