Zero Zone - Brewing a better Europe

14 October 2019

The new European Commission is planning to turn young peoples’ aspirations into action, making clear that this mandate aims to provide answers to key issues facing all European citizens. ...

International E-Waste Day 2019: A pension plan for appliances

14 October 2019

Watch the latest video from APPLiA, explaining how 'circular culture' works and what is needed from policymakers to make it a reality.

Global Fertilizer Day: Meeting future food needs

10 October 2019

Jacob Hansen explains how the fertilizer industry’s Feeding Life 2030 vision can continue feeding plants, farmers, people and Europe’s economy while responding to fundamental societal...

Empty stadiums and empty promises

4 October 2019

The failures of the IAAF World Championships began long before the games themselves, says Human Rights without Frontiers’ Willy Fautre.

Fighting inequalities in childhood cancer

2 October 2019

Childhood cancer care continues to suffer from widespread inequalities, says Pamela Kearns.

Investing in the solutions Europe needs

2 October 2019

Innovative solutions, both technological and legislative, can help enable the EU’s energy transition.

Public authorities falling short in fight against asthma and COPD

27 September 2019

A new report by the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) takes a close look at asthma and COPD care across Europe.

How cities can lead the sustainability transition

24 September 2019

We need to rethink our relationship with nature when building cities, argue Marc Palahí, Stefano Boeri, Maria Chiara Pastore and Vicente Guallart.

Breaking down barriers in the quest to cure Alzheimer’s

23 September 2019

Innovation can change the maths of Alzheimer’s disease. But to do that, governments need to change the maths for...

Converging ambitions

18 September 2019

With Europe facing a shortfall in engineering graduates, remedies are already being put in place, writes Dirk Bochar.

Georgia ‘hungry’ for a political alternative

10 September 2019

Europe would be wise to watch closely as Georgian political contender comes under attack, argues James Wilson

Atopic Eczema Day – going beneath the skin

3 September 2019

Mikaela Odemyr tells us why greater awareness is needed of a skin disease which affects one in five children across Europe.

Sustainable, Responsible, Competitive: Aspirations for the Future

3 September 2019

Tim Brett outlines the soft drinks industry’s ambition to advance environmental sustainability, healthy diets and economic growth within a strong single market.

How the largest American Muslim foundation was falsely demonised by white supremacists

9 August 2019

The escalating spate of mass shootings from Christchurch to El Paso has been enabled by the fact that millions of ordinary people now believe in the existence of an Islamist conspiracy to ‘replace...

The EU must do more to fight the funding of Islamism across the continent

7 August 2019

The case of Qatari-controlled, UK-based Al Rayan Bank, which continues to provide financial services to a series of Islamist and extremist groups blacklisted by other institutions, highlights the...

Anti-palm oil lobbies bending the EU’s will

30 July 2019

Youssef Kobo explains how anti-palm oil lobbies are hurting the environment and the EU’s poorest members

Growing scientific progress

25 July 2019

Students Martina Helmlinger and Lilli Schütz tell us why they are launching a Citizens’ Initiative to ensure the EU can benefit responsibly from new plant breeding techniques.

FemTech – Making strides for women

23 July 2019

Israeli innovation puts the spotlight on long-ignored women’s health in Europe