EU leaders adopt conciliatory tone following Council summit

20 October 2017

Detailed trade issues are already going on behind the scenes between the EU and UK, Syed Kamall has revealed.

EU agencies discuss need for greater public trust in their work

20 October 2017

The European ombudsman, the EU’s official watchdog, says there is a need for greater public trust in the work of EU agencies.

Europe braces for salmonella outbreak

20 October 2017

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has voiced concern at the new outbreak of salmonella across Europe.

Nord Stream 2 pipeline would defeat purpose of Energy Union

2 May 2016

Nord Stream 2 is the embodiment of hybrid warfare and would put Energy Union at risk, argues Petras Auštrevičius.

Energy efficiency: EU needs to 'think bigger'

22 April 2016

The Commission is set to revise the energy efficiency directive later this year. How are MEPs looking to influence this key update?

Spirits labelling revision must strike the right balance between tradition and innovation

12 October 2017

The revision of the spirits regulation must take care not to add extra burdens for SMEs using traditional production methods, says Ulrike Müller.

Alcohol labelling: There should be rules before exceptions

12 October 2017

The spirit drinks regulation is about ensuring the best quality drinks, explains Susanne Melior.

Alcohol labelling rules must address key specificities

12 October 2017

Spirit drinks are not consumed in the same way and mandatory labelling is unlikely to end binge drinking, writes Pilar Ayuso.

EU shines light on shady business deals

26 May 2015

Parliament has given its stamp of approval to legislation aimed at combating money laundering, which will also help fight tax evasion.

Common security and defence policy failing to reach its potential

22 May 2015

The EU's security environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years and is as unstable as ever, and the CSDP must be updated to reflect this, say MEPs.

EU member states urged to honour development promises

21 May 2015

MEPs have voted through a resolution calling on the member states to meet their official development assistance (ODA) targets and set a timetable for reaching them by 2020.

Cécile Kashetu Kyenge: We need to think about immigration in extremely rational terms

11 October 2017

Cécile Kashetu Kyenge talks overcoming racism, EU-Africa relations, and why Europe’s migration challenge doesn’t constitute a crisis.

Corina Crețu talks cohesion policy: It's up to us to do more with less

12 September 2017

European regional policy Commissioner Corina Crețu on the importance of cohesion policy, what it will look like in the future, and what Brexit might mean for Europe's regions.

MEP Awards 2015: All the winners

20 March 2015

Watch all the victorious European parliamentarians accepting their MEP awards at this year's ceremony.

MEP Awards 2015: Viviane Reding

19 March 2015

MEP Awards 2015 host Viviane Reding speaks to the Parliament Magazine after the ceremony.

MEP Awards: A word from past winners

9 January 2015

The 2014 MEP Awards winners send a message to the potential shortlistees of 2015.

Single Digital Gateway

12 October 2017

On October 10, the IMCO Working Group on the Digital Single Market held its thirteenth meeting. The topic of debate was the Single Digital Gateway.

Screening of foreign investment in strategic sectors

27 September 2017

On September 25, the European Parliament Committee on International Trade (INTA) held a first exchange of views on the European Commission’s proposal for an EU screening mechanism of foreign investment in strategic sectors. 

European Parliament discusses ETS

13 September 2017

On September 11, a debate took place on the EU Emissions Trading System at the European Parliament Plenary session in Strasbourg.

New findings highlight benefits of good safety and health at work

6 October 2017

New findings highlight the benefits to be gained from good safety and health at work, writes Christa Sedlatschek.

Research breakthroughs happen more easily when information is shared

3 October 2017

Research breakthroughs happen more easily when knowledge, data and resources are shared, explains Pierre Meulien.

All.Can puts patients at the heart of cancer policy

2 October 2017

The All.Can initiative puts patients at the heart of cancer policy, writes Suzanne Wait.

Pharmaceutical incentives are crucial for SMEs

28 September 2017

Eduardo Bravo discusses the importance of pharmaceutical incentives to SMEs.

Clean energy package review: Watchword should be 'simplicity'

13 September 2017

'Simplicity' should be the watchword for reviewing the clean energy package, writes Peter Styles.


The Emperor’s new clothes

16 October 2017

It’s neither wise nor safe for EU policymakers to dismiss new breeding techniques as ‘dangerous’ without any real consideration of the facts, argues Hannes Kollist.

Will Europe embrace precise plant breeding or further frustrate innovation?

18 September 2017

We urgently need legal certainty to support innovation in plant breeding in the EU, writes Arjen van Tunen. 

Sugar is the sweet spot of an EU-Mercosur trade deal

5 September 2017

EU-Mercosur trade talks have progressed on many issues this year, but sugar - a critical area for Brazil and a huge source of potential for EU industry - has been left out, writes Géraldine Kutas.