Hard-line Brexiteers warn UK Prime Minister that scrapping Irish backstop may not be enough to see Brexit deal over the line

23 August 2019

Boris Johnson has been warned that removing the Irish backstop from the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement may not be enough to guarantee the support of hard-line Eurosceptic MPs.

British MEP backs call for European ‘Green Card’

23 August 2019

Campaigners are appealing to European parliament president David Sassoli to consider the initiative which could protect citizen’s rights amid Brexit chaos

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Stamping out the stigma

2 April 2019

Autism Spectrum Disorder is on the rise, yet it remains a largely misunderstood condition. On World Autism Awareness Day 2019, Lorna Hutchinson reports on what still needs to be done to raise awareness and provide much-needed support.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

5 March 2019

With the deadline for the UK’s exit from the EU fast approaching, British MEPs have spoken of their regret about having to step down from elected office.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

18 February 2019

British MEPs will soon bid a fond - or not-so-fond - farewell to Parliament. Some of them told Martin Banks what they will (and won’t) miss about Brussels and their possible plans for a post-Brexit future.

Adopting a gender-sensitive lens in global security

1 August 2019

Global security has deteriorated over the past decade, with the number of people forced to flee their homes due to violence, human rights violations and war on the increase. The EU must adopt and implement a gender-sensitive lens when dealing with this, writes Madi Sharma.

A wake-up call for EU fisheries ministers

31 July 2019

The latest scientific advice from The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) makes for sad reading - North Sea cod is severely depleted. However, this could be just what is needed to shock EU fisheries ministers into action, write Rebecca Hubbard and Dr Monica Verbeek.

Carry On Regardless: The Brexit Party hits Brussels

29 July 2019

The Brexit Party are political prisoners in Brussels. Or so they’d have you believe.  Despite standing in the European elections, knowing full well what awaited them, Nigel Farage and his band of Brexit-peddling cronies have been on a mission to expose to their faithful followers back home in Blighty that "Brussels" is the most dreadful of places: a wasteful, bureaucratic hellhole where little is achieved and where MEPs' pockets bulge with excessive pay and unwarranted expenses.

EU shines light on shady business deals

26 May 2015

Parliament has given its stamp of approval to legislation aimed at combating money laundering, which will also help fight tax evasion.

Common security and defence policy failing to reach its potential

22 May 2015

The EU's security environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years and is as unstable as ever, and the CSDP must be updated to reflect this, say MEPs.

EU member states urged to honour development promises

21 May 2015

MEPs have voted through a resolution calling on the member states to meet their official development assistance (ODA) targets and set a timetable for reaching them by 2020.

Magid Magid: Taking the EU by storm

15 July 2019

Magid Magid is everything anti-immigration politicians such as Matteo Salvini or Viktor Orbán fear and despise. He is a Muslim and a refugee. And he’s just become an MEP. He tells Rajnish Singh about his mission to shake up the EU

Arctic Spirit

8 July 2019

Despite the potential for conflict, there is a general willingness among the world’s Arctic players to solve issues by cooperation rather than confrontation, Marie-Anne Coninsx tells Brian Johnson.

A marriage of convenience

1 July 2019

Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the EU, compares US-EU relations to a marriage. He tells Rajnish Singh that “We’re like an old married couple. The kids have left, we still love each other, we’re never getting divorced, but we have some very specific and tough issues to address."

MEP Awards 2015: All the winners

20 March 2015

Watch all the victorious European parliamentarians accepting their MEP awards at this year's ceremony.

MEP Awards 2015: Viviane Reding

19 March 2015

MEP Awards 2015 host Viviane Reding speaks to the Parliament Magazine after the ceremony.

MEP Awards: A word from past winners

9 January 2015

The 2014 MEP Awards winners send a message to the potential shortlistees of 2015.

2019 EU - Finnish Presidency Guide

8 July 2019

July 1st saw the start of the new Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU. 

Europe elects its new Parliament and triggers the race for EU's top posts

4 June 2019

The May 23 - 26 European Parliament elections delivered a more fragmented assembly than previously with notable increases in support for the Liberals, Greens and far-right parties which in turn saw a reduction in support for the centre-right and left.

EP Election Package: Pending Dossiers for the 9th legislature

4 June 2019

With a newly elected European Parliament, find out what's on the legislative agenda that could affect you and your organisation.

Dods Guide to the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU

4 July 2018

The Dods EU Guide into the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU is a handy compressed overview of the main priorities, key dates and contacts of the Austrian Presidency. It will allow public affairs professionals to easily navigate the EU political agenda for the next six months.

Parliament endorses agreement on Type Approval of motor vehicles

20 April 2018

The European Parliament endorsed the provisional agreement reached on new rules on type approval of motor vehicles.

Public hearing on the PSI directive

22 January 2018

On January 19 2018, DG CNECT organised a public hearing regarding the review of the public sector information directive.

A strong industrial policy requires genuine ambition and true vision

4 February 2019

EU policy makers should follow a holistic industrial policy that supports strategic value chains, explains Emilio Braghi.

United we stand, divided we fall

30 November 2018

Cooperation and investment are key when it comes to security and defence, explains Chris Lombardi


How the largest American Muslim foundation was falsely demonised by white supremacists

9 August 2019

The escalating spate of mass shootings from Christchurch to El Paso has been enabled by the fact that millions of ordinary people now believe in the existence of an Islamist conspiracy to ‘replace’ white people through mass immigration and birth rates, writes Saeed Khan.

The EU must do more to fight the funding of Islamism across the continent

7 August 2019

The case of Qatari-controlled, UK-based Al Rayan Bank, which continues to provide financial services to a series of Islamist and extremist groups blacklisted by other institutions, highlights the dangers of lax financial oversight by the EU and its Member States, writes Nervana Mahmoud.

Anti-palm oil lobbies bending the EU’s will

30 July 2019

Youssef Kobo explains how anti-palm oil lobbies are hurting the environment and the EU’s poorest members