Tajani in hot water again for World Congress of Families conference

20 February 2019

Parliament’s President Antonio Tajani has found himself facing the music for the second time in less than a week.

New Commission should be more gender balanced, survey says

20 February 2019

The new European Commission has been urged to be “more gender balanced” when it takes office after the European elections.

Act now to avoid no-deal Brexit chaos, urge EESC members

20 February 2019

A no-deal Brexit would be “madness” for the UK and the island of Ireland and it is crucial to act now to avoid chaos, according to representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

Parting is such sweet sorrow

18 February 2019

British MEPs will soon bid a fond - or not-so-fond - farewell to Parliament. Some of them told Martin Banks what they will (and won’t) miss about Brussels and their possible plans for a post-Brexit future.

Nord Stream 2 pipeline would defeat purpose of Energy Union

2 May 2016

Nord Stream 2 is the embodiment of hybrid warfare and would put Energy Union at risk, argues Petras Auštrevičius.

Making the online environment a safe space for our children

21 February 2019

Our efforts to make the online environment safe for children are working, but we cannot rest on our laurels, writes Mariya Gabriel.

The Energy Efficiency Directive will test national commitments

18 February 2019

The transposition of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) into national law will be a measure of Member State resolve to honour their Paris Agreement commitments, writes Miroslav Poche.

People with intellectual disabilities are proud to vote: Give them the chance

18 February 2019

Amid voter apathy and low election turnouts, there is one group of people who are eager and proud to vote. Not only should people with intellectual disabilities have the right to vote Europe-wide, but the voting process should be tailored to their needs, writes Jyrki Pinomaa.

EU shines light on shady business deals

26 May 2015

Parliament has given its stamp of approval to legislation aimed at combating money laundering, which will also help fight tax evasion.

Common security and defence policy failing to reach its potential

22 May 2015

The EU's security environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years and is as unstable as ever, and the CSDP must be updated to reflect this, say MEPs.

EU member states urged to honour development promises

21 May 2015

MEPs have voted through a resolution calling on the member states to meet their official development assistance (ODA) targets and set a timetable for reaching them by 2020.

Morten Helveg Petersen: No more broken promises

8 February 2019

Vice chair of Parliament’s committee on industry, research and energy, Morten Helveg Petersen says Europe can do more to meet its green energy goals, and what’s more, the tools are already at our disposal.

Claude Moraes: A prolific legislator

17 December 2018

As Chair of Parliament’s LIBE Committee, Claude Moraes has set a high bar for juggling prominent legislative files, having dealt with a number of ground-breaking pieces of legislation during his tenure. And he’s not finished yet.

Defending The Front Line

23 November 2018

The chair of parliament’s SEDE committee Anna Elżbieta Fotyga discusses the threats Europe faces, cooperation with Nato, fake news, AI weapons and UK defence relations post Brexit.

MEP Awards 2015: All the winners

20 March 2015

Watch all the victorious European parliamentarians accepting their MEP awards at this year's ceremony.

MEP Awards 2015: Viviane Reding

19 March 2015

MEP Awards 2015 host Viviane Reding speaks to the Parliament Magazine after the ceremony.

MEP Awards: A word from past winners

9 January 2015

The 2014 MEP Awards winners send a message to the potential shortlistees of 2015.

EU Elections 2019 - The Romanian Presidency

25 January 2019

The Dod's EU Monitoring Guide to the Presidency of the Council of the EU provides key insights into the priorities, dates and contacts of the Romanian Presidency.

This free download covers: 

EP Elections Package - The Spitzenkandidat field is cleared

6 December 2018

November saw the thinning of the Spitzenkandidat field as various contestants for the post of Commission President were either selected by their respective political parties or decided to drop out.

EP Elections Package: biographies of Spitzenkandidaten Nominees

2 November 2018

Now that the EPP, PES, the European Greens, and the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe have unveiled their potential Spitzenkandidaten nominees, the Dods EU Monitoring Team, as part of its E

Dods Guide to the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU

4 July 2018

The Dods EU Guide into the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU is a handy compressed overview of the main priorities, key dates and contacts of the Austrian Presidency. It will allow public affairs professionals to easily navigate the EU political agenda for the next six months.

Parliament endorses agreement on Type Approval of motor vehicles

20 April 2018

The European Parliament endorsed the provisional agreement reached on new rules on type approval of motor vehicles.

Public hearing on the PSI directive

22 January 2018

On January 19 2018, DG CNECT organised a public hearing regarding the review of the public sector information directive.

United we stand, divided we fall

30 November 2018

Cooperation and investment are key when it comes to security and defence, explains Chris Lombardi

Individuals make innovation a reality

26 November 2018

Making innovation happen is more than just a motto for the EIT, writes Dirk Jan van den Berg.

Apprenticeships are a practical way for Europe's youth to kick-start careers

5 November 2018

McDonald's is helping young people develop the skills they need to succeed through apprenticeships, writes David Fairhurst.

Europe must continue to invest in the bioplastic revolution

23 October 2018

It is imperative to seize the momentum of recent policy developments at both European and international level, argues Philippe Mengal.


A vote for animal health is a vote for your own health

21 February 2019

A Europe whose political and regulatory framework stimulates the growth of innovation in the animal health sector is a Europe that secures a more sustainable future for all, writes Roxane Feller.

Brexit: Urgent clarity needed concerning Erasmus+ and Horizon2020

19 February 2019

With a disorderly Brexit now a real and fast-approaching threat, detailed technical guidance from the European Commission is crucial for those participating with UK partners in EU programmes like Erasmus+ and Horizon2020, writes Lesley Wilson.

The foundation of modern Bahrain

14 February 2019

Bahrain’s National Action Charter laid the foundations of the nation as a representative democracy and constitutional monarchy