Autism Spectrum Disorder: Stamping out the stigma

2 April 2019

Autism Spectrum Disorder is on the rise, yet it remains a largely misunderstood condition. On World Autism Awareness Day 2019, Lorna Hutchinson reports on what still needs to be done to raise awareness and provide much-needed support.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

5 March 2019

With the deadline for the UK’s exit from the EU fast approaching, British MEPs have spoken of their regret about having to step down from elected office.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

18 February 2019

British MEPs will soon bid a fond - or not-so-fond - farewell to Parliament. Some of them told Martin Banks what they will (and won’t) miss about Brussels and their possible plans for a post-Brexit future.

Becoming our best selves

16 October 2019

The EU administration can be a role model for the whole of the EU, believes Emily O’Reilly.

Taking racism to task

11 October 2019

In Europe’s first Anti-Racism and Diversity Week, a cross-party group of MEPs and campaigners has urged the new von der Leyen Commission to prioritise race equality.

Time for an EU focus on mental health and suicide

10 October 2019

World Mental Health Day provides an important opportunity to reflect on the importance of good mental health and to mobilise efforts to improve support, says Tomáš Zdechovský.

EU shines light on shady business deals

26 May 2015

Parliament has given its stamp of approval to legislation aimed at combating money laundering, which will also help fight tax evasion.

Common security and defence policy failing to reach its potential

22 May 2015

The EU's security environment has undergone dramatic changes in recent years and is as unstable as ever, and the CSDP must be updated to reflect this, say MEPs.

EU member states urged to honour development promises

21 May 2015

MEPs have voted through a resolution calling on the member states to meet their official development assistance (ODA) targets and set a timetable for reaching them by 2020.

A passion project

7 October 2019

Petra De Sutter was a world-renowned gynaecologist and fertility expert when she decided to take the leap into politics. Now a newly-elected MEP and Chair of Parliament’s IMCO Committee, she tells Lorna Hutchinson what drives her passion for Green policymaking and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Our health is our wealth

26 September 2019

Reflecting on his mandate as he prepares to hand the baton to his successor, European Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis tells Lorna Hutchinson about the highlights of the past five years and what challenges remain in the European health domain.

In Conversation with...Brigitte Dero and Laurent Petrynka

24 September 2019

The sports community is taking steps to improve its environmental impact. Brigitte Dero, General Manager of VinylPlus®, the European PVC industry’s sustainability programme, and Laurent Petrynka, President of the International School Sport Federation (ISF), explain why making a long-term impact requires innovative partnerships.

MEP Awards 2015: All the winners

20 March 2015

Watch all the victorious European parliamentarians accepting their MEP awards at this year's ceremony.

MEP Awards 2015: Viviane Reding

19 March 2015

MEP Awards 2015 host Viviane Reding speaks to the Parliament Magazine after the ceremony.

MEP Awards: A word from past winners

9 January 2015

The 2014 MEP Awards winners send a message to the potential shortlistees of 2015.

The New European Commission 2019-2024

12 September 2019

This early September, the European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen presented her proposal for the allocation of Commissioner portfolios. She also published the individual mission letters to each Commissioner detailing what she expects of them in the next legislative term.

2019 EU - Finnish Presidency Guide

8 July 2019

July 1st saw the start of the new Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU. 

Europe elects its new Parliament and triggers the race for EU's top posts

4 June 2019

The May 23 - 26 European Parliament elections delivered a more fragmented assembly than previously with notable increases in support for the Liberals, Greens and far-right parties which in turn saw a reduction in support for the centre-right and left.

Dods Guide to the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU

4 July 2018

The Dods EU Guide into the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU is a handy compressed overview of the main priorities, key dates and contacts of the Austrian Presidency. It will allow public affairs professionals to easily navigate the EU political agenda for the next six months.

Parliament endorses agreement on Type Approval of motor vehicles

20 April 2018

The European Parliament endorsed the provisional agreement reached on new rules on type approval of motor vehicles.

Public hearing on the PSI directive

22 January 2018

On January 19 2018, DG CNECT organised a public hearing regarding the review of the public sector information directive.

Healthy workplaces lighten the load

23 September 2019

Christa Sedlatschek reflects on 25 years of making Europe’s workplaces safer, healthier and more productive.

An enabling policy framework can all help to reduce emissions

12 September 2019

An enabling policy framework can all help to reduce emissions, explains Philippe Ducom.

The EU must continue its commitment to protecting wildlife

11 September 2019

The EU must continue its commitment to protecting wildlife, explains Staci McLennan.


To save the EU from collapse, we must reinvent democracy

16 October 2019

Dr. Saqib Qureshi explains why governments should look at what works in the private sector and use that to enhance the public sector.

New EU life sciences and biotech strategy would help people and the planet

15 October 2019

The EU must embrace biotech’s potential to help make Europe the world’s first carbon neutral continent, argues Joanna Dupont Inglis.

International E-Waste Day 2019: A pension plan for appliances

14 October 2019

Watch the latest video from APPLiA, explaining how 'circular culture' works and what is needed from policymakers to make it a reality.