Why Human Connection is Key to Achieving Optimal Wellness

Herbalife Nutrition’s independent distributors are helping people achieve their health goals thanks to their uniquely personal, relationship-based approach, explains Dr Kent Bradley.
Source: Herbalife Nutrition

By Dr. Kent L. Bradley

Kent L. Bradley M.D., MBA, MPH is the Chief Health and Nutrition Officer at Herbalife Nutrition.

27 Apr 2021

I’m looking forward to taking part in EASO’s ‘ECO 2021’ event on 12 May, where I’ll be sharing the latest research on how support from a mentor or community can play an important role in addressing obesity and help people achieve their health goals.

At Herbalife Nutrition, our independent distributors regularly experience first-hand how the strong social connections they’ve built with their customers are helping them to achieve their health goals and live healthier lives. In fact, the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies has found that people with meaningful social relationships tend to have better health behaviours, like eating healthy food and being physically active. However, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to nutrition or fitness.

Register to watch Kent Bradley’s session at ECO 2021 on Wednesday 12 May at 16:45 (CET) by following this link to the conference website.

A Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor is well equipped, through regular training from our experts in nutrition, fitness, and coaching, to recommend a personalised nutrition and exercise plan that can help their customers achieve their wellness goals. This might also include our Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake, which helps to fuel the body with a healthy, calorie-controlled meal, made up of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Four Ways our Distributors Help People Achieve Healthier Lifestyles

The work of our distributors involves several important aspects: transparency, empowerment, and a shift in perspective. It’s this personal, relational approach that helps their customers achieve results in a transformative way. Here are just a few ways our distributors work in their communities:


1. Distributors coach customers and set clear, achievable goals.

Distributors are trained to help their customers set achievable goals and milestones when it comes to habit transformation. This helps customers build confidence in themselves, which is one of the most important components of performance. Confidence is a powerful force that moves a person to action and fuels them to persist despite the obstacles. Distributors also understand that confidence is built on small wins, which can keep a person motivated through their health and wellness journey

“A helping hand can make a difference when trying to lead a healthier life. Good habits are tough to establish, so having a community or mentor around you for support can be critical”

2. Distributors help identify behaviour patterns and best approaches to individual needs.

Sometimes, unhealthy nutrition or fitness approaches are rooted in bad habits. An experienced distributor can observe patterns that customers may not notice and can help them identify what works best for them. They help customers form new habits towards adopting a new lifestyle that leads to the best, healthier version of themselves.

3. Distributors keep people motivated and accountable.

One of the main reasons why keeping motivated is hard is that change entails stress. Stress can make you feel frustrated, fatigued or anxious. These feelings can become the fuel of self-sabotage, causing you to lose motivation. A distributor will support, encourage and motivate customers to stay on track and focused. For many, having someone to answer to motivates them to act.

4. Distributors help people overcome limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs like “I don’t have the discipline to exercise regularly” or “I don’t have the willpower to eat healthily” can hold us back from getting to where we want to be. Distributors can help their customers recognise they have the ability and responsibility to take ownership of their actions and motivate them to push forward rather than feeling left behind.

A helping hand can make a difference when trying to lead a healthier life. Good habits are tough to establish, so having a community or mentor around you for support can be critical. This added value is the reason why our products can only be purchased through a distributor because there’s so much more to a health journey than buying products from a retailer or searching for diet advice online.

A personal connection will not only provide clear directions and a personalised plan that is unique to each individual, but it will also offer social support, motivation, encouragement and accountability.

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