LISTEN: What is a Sustainable Diet?

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

By Herbalife

17 Apr 2023

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

In this six part podcast series, broadcaster Carole Walker meets guests from across Europe to explore some of the biggest topics in the world of nutrition and food. From nutrition itself, food sustainability, obesity to the rising cost of food, we’ve got it all for you in this series.

In Episode 3, we’re exploring sustainability and the rise of plant-based food, finding out what sustainability means to the public and discovering what countries across Europe are doing to ensure that what goes on the plate isn’t harming the environment. 


Hugh Thomas, a leading food journalist who has written for Time Out, Eater, Farmdrop, OpenTable, Great British Chefs, British Street Food, Ferment and more, and has advised and carried out research for food giants McCain and Walkers among others.

Charlotte Lucas from the Good Food Institute Europe, an international NGO helping to build a more sustainable, secure and just food system by transforming meat production. 

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*This podcast series was recorded in late 2022. 

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