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Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

By Herbalife

11 Apr 2023

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

In this six part podcast series, broadcaster Carole Walker meets guests from across Europe to explore some of the biggest topics in the world of nutrition and food. From nutrition itself, food sustainability, obesity to the rising cost of food, we’ve got it all for you in this series.

In Episode 2, broadcaster Carole Walker discusses the rising cost of food right across Europe.

According to market research company Kantar, the price of the average shopping basket in the UK has gone up almost £600 a year and essentials like milk and butter are among the items going up in price the most*. 

But it's not just us, the consumers, who are under pressure. All the way through the chain, purse strings are being tightened, from the farmers feeling the pinch as fertiliser prices go up, to the producers being squeezed by our demand for cheaper products. So, what’s behind the rise and what impact is it having on our health? 


James Walton, chief economist at The Institute of Grocery Distribution that provides market insights to the grocery industry. 

Giles Yeo, obesity and diet expert from the University of Cambridge. 

David Bowles, from the German branch of the Salvation Army. 

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*correct at time of recording, Sept 2022

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