LISTEN: How Serious is the Obesity Epidemic in Europe?

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

By Herbalife

24 Apr 2023

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

In this six part podcast series, broadcaster Carole Walker meets guests from across Europe to explore some of the biggest topics in the world of nutrition and food. From nutrition itself, food sustainability, obesity to the rising cost of food, we’ve got it all for you in this series.

In Episode 4, we’re exploring the obesity crisis that’s affecting the whole of Europe and beyond. To give this some context, according to the World Health Organization almost 60% of adults across Europe and either overweight and obese - and not a single EU member state is on track to reach the target of halting the rise in obesity by 2025*.


Professor Maria Hassipidou from the International Hellenic University. Maria is the national coordinator in Greece for the World Health Organization’s European Childhood Surveillance Initiative and chair of the Nutrition Working Group of the European Association for the Study of Obesity.

Professor Paul Gately who runs the More Life programme at Leeds Beckett University, which is now one of the largest specialist training and services provider for tackling childhood and adult obesity. 

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*correct at time of recording: October 2022

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