The Parliament Magazine's week that was - Friday the 13th edition

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13 Feb 2015

Commission offering of the week



Trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström delivers a risqué broadside to the infamously dreary Brussels climate. Quite how this chimed with the Latvian presidency's claims of control over the metropolis' weather system is anyone's guess.

Fantastic timing of the week

With Europe rocking after another raft of damaging revelations regarding dodgy tax dealings, this time involving HSBC in Switzerland, the Swiss government has outlined its plans to limit freedom of movement for EU citizens.

Switzerland's banking sector is reliant on high numbers of staff from EU member states, meaning that in 2017 it won't just be untraceable funds leaving a Swiss bank in droves as tighter immigration rules are set to take effect.


Hopeful statement of the week

Greek government spokesperson Gabriel Sakellarides has moved to reassure people concerned by the continuing impasse over Athens' bailout programme and single currency membership. "We will do whatever we can so that a deal is found on Monday," he said convincingly, stressing, however, that this would not involve "measures that will offend the sovereignty of the nation and of the people".

And in a statement certainly not containing the kind of cavalier attitude to fiscal planning that may have led Greece to the brink of financial ruin in the first place, Sakellarides added, "If we don't have an agreement on Monday, we believe that there is always time so that there won't be a problem."


Collectible of the week

What's round, shiny and decidedly Latvian? Try not to get too excited, but the official Latvian presidency commemorative coins are out. You better get them while you can, because there definitely won't be enough to go around for everyone. We at PMHQ have already put in our orders - that's everyone's birthday presents sorted. We sincerely hope there will be more where that came from. Other Latvian presidency memorabilia we would like to see: hats, hoodies, mugs and dance shoes. It's your move, Latvia.


The beginning of a beautiful friendship of the week



And in the latest Pixar blockbuster movie that kids are just dying to see, European regional policy commissioner Corina Creţu teams up with an adorable little robot to tackle the misappropriation of EU cohesion funds. Will love, friendship and cohesion triumph over the dark forces of a two-speed Europe? Book your tickets today.


Emotional reaction of the week



Continuing our Artificial Intelligence theme In The Now has moving footage of terrifying human simulant from the future Vladimir Putin's circuits being overcome with sentiment as he takes in the audio majesty of Russia's national anthem.

Headline of the week

The trial of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of alleged aggravated pimping continued in France this week. DSK, the former senior French socialist, revealed that there are indeed limits on the ambitions of one time former presidential hopefuls, as reported by the Financial Times.


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