S&D group wants to regain young people's trust

Parliament's S&D group has brought together its youngest MEPs in an effort to better communicate with Europe's youth, says Victor Negrescu.

By Victor Negrescu

Victor Negrescu (RO, S&D) is a vice-chair of Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee and a member of Parliament’s Budgets Committee

05 Dec 2014

I am happy to say that the network of young S&D MEPs, called S&D40, is gaining importance within the S&D group. Gathering 36 MEPs under 40 years old along with four older guest members, the network had the honour to meet recently with S&D group leader Gianni Pitella.

In a very active and interesting debate, our president declared his full support for younger S&D MEPs in their desire to participate more in the group's policymaking and activities.
In his intervention, Pitella stated that young MEPs must play a bigger role and should work in rebuilding the confidence of young people in politics and the European parliament. Together, we underlined the need to engage more with young people, who in the last few years have appeared to be less and less attracted by social democratic ideas.

The S&D group and S&D40 will therefore work together on building different policies for young people and will start organising a large annual event on youth topics.
The important support given by Pitella confirms the fact that the S&D group has the largest number of young MEPs in the European parliament. This underlines the trend of young leaders in European socialist and social democratic parties.

"The S&D group has the largest number of young MEPs in the European parliament"

I can therefore confirm younger MEPs' wish to prove that we are able to change things in Europe. Young people from Europe can and should get in touch with us and send us their points of view and projects. A full list of the S&D40 members is now available on our new website www.sd40.eu, which will eventually become a platform on which to find more information about our activities.

In the meantime, you can expect us to publish several policy papers on different issues very soon, and even a joint motion on youth related topics. At least three events are programmed at the beginning of next year with the support of the foundation of European progressive studies on topics such migration, TTIP and investment.

Our main purpose is to be more visible in the European decision making process and to be in contact with the youth of our respective countries. We need to prove to them that socialists and social democrats are working for them and that the European Union can improve their lives.


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