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06 Sep 2019

Today’s Movers & Shakers are about: The Parliament welcomes two new MEPs, Italy's Commission nomination revealed, key figures in the new Italian government, the latest Commission, EEAS and public affairs appointments, the unfolding Brexit saga, and more!

European Parliament

Committees and Delegations

Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO)
On Tuesday, the Committee elected two vice-chairs. Charles Goerens (RE, LU) was elected second vice-chair while Giuliano Pisapia (S&D, IT) was elected third vice-chair. The remaining 4th vice-chair is expected to be elected at the next meeting on 25 September.

Włodzimierz CIMOSZEWICZ (S&D, PL) joins as a substitute.

Economic Affairs Committee (ECON)
After the departure of Roberto GUALTIERI (S&D, IT) from the Parliament, the position of chair is now vacant.

Petitions Committee (PETI)
Miapetra KUMPULA-NATRI (S&D, FI) is no longer a substitute.

Regional Development Committee (REGI)
Isabel CARVALHAIS (S&D, PT) joins as a substitute.

Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN)
Marianne VIND (S&D, DK) joins as a substitute.

Arab Peninsula Delegation (D-ARP)
Ryszard CZARNECKI (ECR, PL) has switched from substitute to member. Peter LUNDGREN (ECR, SE) has switched from member to substitute.

Canada Delegation (D-CA)
Isabel CARVALHAIS (S&D, PT) joins as a substitute.

Southeast Asia and ASEAN Delegation (D-ASE)
Marianne VIND (S&D, DK) joins as a substitute.


Following the death of André BRADFORD (S&D, PT), the Portugese Socialist Party’s seat will be filled by number ten on their list, Isabel CARVALHAIS.

After being sworn in as Minister for Finance in the new Italian government, Roberto GUALTIERI (S&D, IT) has left the European Parliament. The seat will be filled by Nicola DANTI, who was a MEP during the last legislative term.

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European Commission

Italy has named former Prime Minister Paolo GENTILONI (PD/S&D) as their nominee for the next European Commission. This almost completes the final list of Commisioner-designates, with the only remaining question being which of the two candidates nominated by Romania are chosen. The UK have confirmed they will not put forward a candidate as they prepare to leave the EU on 31 October.

President-elect Ursula VON DEN LEYEN has announced that she will reveal the full list of Commissioner names and responsibilities on Tuesday.


A large number of changes have occurred in the Commission this week. Please check our Dods People EU service for complete changes to the European Commission.

Competition (DG COMP)
Johannes LAITENBERGER has left the position of Directorate General of DG COMP, with Cicilio MADERO VILLAREJO becoming Acting Director-General. MADERO VILLAREJO also replaces Carles ESTEVA MOSSO as Deputy Director-General in charge of Mergers. MADERO VILLAREJO will leave the position of Deputy Director-General in charge of Anti-Trust although will continue as Acting Deputy Director-General in the meantime.

ESTEVA MOSSO has moved to become Deputy Director-General in charge of State Aid replacing former Acting Deputy Director-General LAITENBERGER.

Tommaso VALLETTI has left the position of Chief Economist, with Svend ALBAEK becoming Acting Chief Economist.

Communications (DG COMM)
Richard KUEHNEL has been appointed as the Director of Directorate C (Representation and Communication in Member States) replacing former Acting Deputy Director Sixtine BOUYGUES.

European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO)
Androulla KAMINARA has left the position of Director of Directorate D (Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and Pacific) with Irene HOREJS becoming Acting Director.

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE)
Veronika VELTS has become Director of Directorate B (International Ocean Governance and Sustainable Fisheries) replacing Anders JESSEN. VELTS will therefore leave the position of Director of Directorate D (Fisheries Policy: Mediterranean and Black Sea) but will remain as Acting Head of Unit.

Isabella GARZON has left her position as an Advisor to the Director-General.

Office for Infrastructure and Logistics (OIB)
Guy DROWART has been appointed Acting Director of Department OIB.RE (Management of Real Estate) replacing former Acting Director Marc MOULIGNEAU

Phillippe LOOP is the new Acting Director of Department OIB.CPE (Childcare facilities) replacing former Director Christiane BARDOUX.

Research and Innovation (DG RTD)
Clara DE LA TORRE has left the position of Director of Directorate D (Clean Planet), with John BELL becoming Acting Director.

Commissioner Cabinets

Cabinet of President Jean-Claude JUNCKER
Former MEP Elmer BROK has been appointed as a Special Adviser in the cabinet of President JUNCKER on relations with Ukraine.

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European External Action Service

A large number of changes have occurred in the EEAS this week. Please check our Dods People EU service for a complete list of changes.

Pawel HERCZYNSKI has been appointed as Managing Director for Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and Crisis Response, having previously been the Acting Managing Director.

Stefano TOMAT is now Director for Integrated Approach for Security and Peace, having previously been Acting Director.

José MORGADO has been appointed Director for INTCEN (EU Intelligence and Situation Centre) replacing Gerhard CONRAD.

Oliver RENTSCHLER is now Director for Interinstitutional Relations, Policy Coordination and Public Diplomacy.

Thomas MAYR HARTING has left the position of Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia with Angelina EICHHORST becoming Acting Managing Director.

Representations and Delegations
Cristian TUDOR has been appointed Head of the EU delegation in Kuwait.

Diego RUIZ ALONSO is now the Head of the EU delegation to Turkmenistan.

European Central Bank

The European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) has recommended Christine LAGARDE as the next President. A plenary vote on the appointment will take place in mid-September.

Court of Justice of the European Union

General Court
On Thursday, government representatives appointed Gerhard HESSE (AT) as judge. The appointment was made as part of the third and final phase of the reform of the General Court, which will bring the number of judges to two per member state.

Public Affairs

European Boating Industry
After the recent election of the new leadership, Philip EASTHILL was appointed as Secretary General. He takes over from Sandrine DEVOS.

European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP)
After holding several senior management positions at the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) and ERTICO – ITS Europe, Lina KONSTANTINOPOULOU became Secretary General on 2 September.

Transparency International EU
Michiel VAN HULTEN joins as Director of the EU office in Brussels, replacing outgoing Carl DOLAN.

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National News

Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON suffered his first major defeats in the House of Commons, as MPs voted to pass a bill designed to compel the government to request an extension to Article 50. The government lost its working majority after Phillip LEE defected to the Liberal Democrats mid-debate and also after the 21 Conservative MPs that voted in favour of the bill, including former Chancellor Phillip HAMMOND and long-time MP Kenneth CLARKE, had the Conservative whip withdrawn in retaliation, effectively making them Independent MPs. Without the rebel MPs the government are 21 seats short of a working majority.

Following the above defeat, JOHNSON introduced a motion calling for a new General Election, which was defeated after it failed to get the required two-thirds support due to opposition MPs abstaining. The opposition parties have said that they favour a general election only after the extension to Article 50 is confirmed, and opposed the 15 October date proposed by the government.

Giuseppe CONTE cleared the last hurdle towards forming a new government in Italy after Five Star Movement members gave the green light to an alliance with the Democratic Party (PES) through their online voting platform Rousseau. CONTE then presented his new cabinet to President Sergio MATTARELLA on Wednesday.

Key figures in the new cabinet include former MEP Roberto GUALTIERI who will take on the role of finance minister, Five Star Movement chief Luigi DI MAIO, who is the new foreign minister, and Luciana LAMORGESE as interior minister.

Acting prime minister Pedro SANCHEZ ruled out a coalition with Podemos, signaling that he’s ready for a repeat election in November.

Corrigendum: We apologise for an error in our 26 July 2019 edition of Movers and Shakers. We incorrectly reported that Dušan CHRENEK had been appointed Principal Advisor, replacing Jacob WERKSMAN at the Commission’s Directorate General for Climate Action. Please note that WERKSMAN has not left the Commission and remains Principal Adviser for International Aspects of EU Climate Policy. CHRENEK was appointed Principal Advisor on a newly created position.


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