Movers and Shakers | 20 March 2020


By Dods people EU

20 Mar 2020

Today’s Movers & Shakers are about Director-General appointent, new Slovenian coalition government, public affairs appointments and more!

European Parliament 

Committees and Delegations  

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) 
Irene TOLLERÈT joins as a substitute. 

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European Commission 


Defence, Industry and Space (DEFIS) 
Alain ALEXIS filled the vacant position of Director of Directorate A (Defence Industry) in an acting capacity. 

European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) 
HR Business Correspondent Rosa CIOTOLA’s role has detached from Directorate E (General Affairs) and joined onto the Director-General. 

Petra SNEIJERS replaces Axel BEHRENS as Head of Unit G3 (Business Cycle; Short term statistics). 

Informatics (DIGIT) 
Mario CAMPOLARGO replaces Gertrud INGESTAD as Director-General, in an acting capacity. 

Regional and Urban Policy (REGIO) 
Olivia JORDAN replaces Claude TOURNIER as Head of Unit C3 (Audit II) in an acting capacity. 
Kadri UUSTAL replaces Charles GRANT as Head of Unit 02 in an acting capacity. The unit, previously 02 (Better Implementation) is now 02 (Coordination of Programmes).  
Directorate F (Closure, Major Projects and Programme Implementation III) is now Directorate F (Better Implementation, Closure and Programme Implementation III). 
Charles GRANT replaces Witold WILLAK as Head of Unit F1. The unit, previously F1 (Closure and Major Projects) is now F1 (Better Implementation and Closure). 

Research and Innovation (RTD) 
Katja REPPEL replaces Harald HARTUNG as Head of Unit E5 (Democracy & European Values). 

Taxation and Customs Union (TAXUD) 
Michele PEROLAT replaces Ilza KUNINGA as Head of Unit A1 (Customs Policy). 
Patrice PILLET replaces Ludwig DE WINTER as Head of Unit C1 (Value added tax). 
Ilza KUNIGA replaces Patrice PILLET as Head of Unit C3 (Legal Affairs – Indirect Taxation). 
Stijn MEULEMAN replaces Stephanie MAIL FOUILLEUL as Head of Unit E1 (Finances & HR Business Correspondent). 
Stephanie MAIL FOUILLEUL replaces Michele PEROLAT as Head of Unit E3 (Management of Programmes and EU training). 

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European Council  

The meeting of the European Council, which was due to take place on the 26 and 27 of March has been moved to be held via videoconference. 

Public Affairs  

Dominique MOREL will join as a Partner in June, in Zurich. 

Trade and Professional Associations 

European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA)  
David STORER has joined as the Director of Research, Innovation and New Mobility. 

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National News  

The current caretaker government under Prime Minister Sophie WILMES has been granted special powers for the next six months to tackle the COVID19 pandemic.

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