Movers and Shakers | 17 December 2021

Today’s Movers & Shakers are about: The departure of a German MEP, a new Swedish MEP, Bulgaria’s new government and more!

By Nisa Khan

Nisa Khan is the Editor of Dods People EU and the European Public Affairs Directory (EPAD)

16 Dec 2021

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European Parliament

MEP News
Sven Giegold (Greens/EFA, DE) has left the European Parliament to become a State Secretary in the German Economy and Climate Ministry.

Ilan De Basso (S&D, SE) has joined the European Parliament.

Political Groups

Alex Agius Saliba (S&D, MT) and Gabriele Bischoff (S&D, DE) replace Éric Andrieu (S&D, FR) and Ismail Ertug (S&D, DE) as Vice-presidents.

The Greens/EFA
Ska Keller (Greens/EFA, DE) and Philippe Lamberts (Greens/EFA, BE) have been re-elected as Presidents with Jordi Solé (Greens/EFA, ES) as First Vice-president and EFA President. The other Vice-presidents include Alice Bah Kuhnke (Greens/EFA, SE), Bas Eickhout (Greens/EFA, NL), Ernest Urtasun (Greens/EFA, ES), Kira Peter Hansen (Greens/EFA, DK), Marie Toussaint (Greens/EFA, FR)and Terry Reintke (Greens/EFA, DE).

Rasmus Andresen (Greens/EFA, DE) is the new Spokesman replacing Sven Giegold (Greens/EFA, DE).

Committees and Delegations
Martina Dlabajová (RE, CZ) is no longer the Vice-chair of the Budgetary Control Committee (CONT).
Krzysztof Hetman (EPP, PL) is the Vice-chair of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO).
Tsvetelina Penkova (S&D, BG) is now one of the Vice-chairs of the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (D-UK).
Erik Bergkvist (S&D, SE) is now a member of the Delegation for Northern cooperation and for relations with Switzerland and Norway and to the EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee and the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee (DEEA).
Maximilian Krah (ID, DE) is now a substitute instead of a member on the Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET).
Nathalie Loiseau (ID, FR) is no longer a member of the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (D-UK) and has joined the Conference of Delegation Chairs as a member.
Monica Semedo (RE, LU) is no longer a member on the Petitions Committee (PETI).

European Commission

Commissioner Cabinets

Cabinet of Mairead McGuinness
Nicolo Brignoli is temporarily replacing Agnieszka Drzewoska as a Member of Cabinet who is on leave. Brignoli has taken on her responsibilities which include free movement of capital, retail financial services and infringements and legal issues.

Cabinet of Helena Dalli
David Kerr is now a Member of Cabinet. He was previously a policy assistant and his new responsibilities include relations with the Council and the Parliament, neighbourhood and enlargement, humanitarian aid and crisis management and regional policy.

Directorates-General and Services

European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka replaces Antonio Miceli as Director of Directorate A (Expenditure: Operations and Investigations) who was covering the role in an acting capacity.

Other EU Institutions and Agencies

Permanent Representations

Candice Verlot replaces Candice Verlot as a Policy Officer (INTPA, FPI), Morgane Berger is a new Policy Officer (NEAR, REFORM, ECHO) and Claire Serra replaces Paul Hedon as the Research Manager at the Expertise Office.

Félix Moldován replaces Zsuzsa Béres as the Nuclear Energy Attaché and Ramóna Koska is the new Climate Attaché in the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Unit.

Deniz Horzum replaces Roy Kenkel as Coreper II Spokesperson while Paul Steens will become Coreper I Spokesperson in the Press Relations Unit.

Sara Ágoas has joined the Geographic and Thematic Working Groups.
Altide Cruz and Nuno Amorim Silva have joined the Justice and Home Affairs Unit.

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National News

Kiril Petkov is the new Prime Minister with five new Deputy Prime Ministers. Asen Vassilev is the Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds and Minister of Finance, Kalina Konstantinova is the Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance, Borislav Sandov is the Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policy and Minister of Environment and Water, Grozdan Karadjov is the Deputy Prime Minister of Regional Development and Public Works and Minister of Regional Development and Public Works and Cornelia Ninova is the Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Industry and Minister of Economy and Industry.

Teodora Genchovska replaces Svetlan Stoev as the Minister for Foreign Affairs while Georgi Gokov replaces Galab Donev as the Minister for Labour and Social Policy. Stefan Yanev replaces Georgi Panayotov as the Minister for Defence and Nadezhda Yordanova replaces Ivan Demerdzhiev as the Minister for Justice. Asena Serbezova replaces Stoicho Katsarov as the Minister for Health, Atanas Atanasov replaces Velislav Minekov as the Minister for Culture and Ivan Ivanov replaces Hristo Bozukov as the Minister for Agriculture.

Daniel Lorer is the new Minister for Innovation and Growth. Bozhidar Bojanov is the new Minister for Electronic Government and Alexander Nikolov replaces Andrey Zhivkov as the Minister for Energy. Hristo Prodanov replaces Stela Baltova as the Minister for Tourism, Nikolay Sabev replaces Hristo Alexiev as the Minister for Transport and Communications and finally, Radostin Vassilev replaces Andrey Kuzmanov as the Minister for Sports.

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