Movers and Shakers | 3 December 2021

The departure of a Swedish MEP, Polish MEP changes national party, Directorates-General and Services changes, Sweden’s new government, and more!

By Nisa Khan

Nisa Khan is the Editor of Dods People EU and the European Public Affairs Directory (EPAD)

02 Dec 2021

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European Parliament

MEP News
Johan Danielsson (S&D, SE) has left his seat in Parliament to join the new Swedish government as the Minister for Housing and Deputy Minister for Labour.

Robert Biedroń (S&D, PL) and Łukasz Kohut (S&D, PL) have joined the Nowa Lewica Party.

European Commission

Directorates-General and Services

Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT)
Katarzyna Szczuka replaces Rita Wezenbeek as Head of Unit B2 (Implementation of the Regulatory Framework) who was covering the role in an acting capacity.
Olivier Bringer replaces Lars Erik Forsberg as Head of Unit D3 (Policy Outreach and International Affairs) who was covering the role in an acting capacity. Gemma Carolillo takes over Bringer’s previous position as Head of Unit E3 (Next Generation Internet) in an acting capacity.

Environment (ENV)
Matjaž Malgaj is the new Head of Unit B4 (Sustainable Products).

Health and Food Safety (SANTE)
John F. Ryan replaces Pierre Delsaux as the Deputy Director General (Health) in an acting capacity.
Filip Borkowski replaces Thea Emmerling as Head of Unit B2 (Cross Border Healthcare and Tobacco Control) in an acting capacity.

Service For Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI)
Marc Fiedrich replaces Hilde Hardeman as Director/Head of Service in an acting capacity.

Other EU Institutions and Agencies

European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA)
Pierre Delsaux has been appointed as the Director-General. He was the Deputy Director-General in the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) in his previous role.

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National News

Magdalena Andersson has been reappointed as Prime Minister and has formally presented the new government which includes the following appointments:  

Johan Danielsson, former MEP, replaces Märta Stenevi as the Minister for Housing and Deputy Minister of Labour. Mikael Damberg, former Minister for Home Affairs, replaces Magdalena Andersson as the Minister for Finance. Morgan Johansson becomes the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs and Max Elger replaces Åsa Lindhagen as the Minister for Financial Markets. Ida Karkiainen is the Minister for Civil Affairs, replacing Lena Micko. Annika Strandhäll replaces Per Bolund as the Minister for the Climate and Environment.

Khashayar Farmanbar replaces Anders Ygeman as the Minister for Energy and Digital Development. Ygeman is now the Minister for Integration and Migration. Jeanette Gustafsdotter replaces Amanda Lind as the Minister for Culture. Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson replaces Ibrahim Baylan as the Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation while Anna-Caren Sätherberg replaces Baylan as the Minister for Rural Affairs. Lina Axelsson Kihlblom replaces Matilda Ernkrans as as Minister for Schooling who replaces Per Olsson Fridh as the Minister for Development Aid.


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