Dods EU Alert: Discrimination of migrant workers at the workplace

The Parliament has published a study on the framework for the protection of migrant workers against discrimination.

By Dods EU monitoring

23 May 2014

Follow this link for a study published in May 2014 by the European Parliament (Policy Department A/Economic and Scientific Policy) on Discrimination of migrant workers at the workplace.

Abstract: Non-discrimination is a prerequisite in order to effectively guarantee the right of free movement of workers. Although EU legislation is in place, statistics indicate that migrant workers (EU nationals and non-EU nationals) are being discriminated against in the EU labour market. This note, produced at the request of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, discusses the legal framework protecting migrant workers against discrimination. It presents a summary of the impact of the economic crisis on migrant employment. It takes a closer look at the types of discrimination foreign-born workers may face in the workplace before summarising current opinion as to whether action is warranted to prevent migrant employment discrimination in the EU, and providing some best-practice examples.

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