5 questions with... Kira Marie Peter-Hansen

Meet Kira Marie Peter-Hansen, the youngest member of the European Parliament and vice-chair of the subcommittee on tax matters

By Kira Marie Peter-Hansen

Kira Marie Peter-Hansen (DK, Greens/EFA) is vice-chair of the subcommittee on tax matters

01 Feb 2024

1 Who has most inspired your career, and how?    

Honestly, I feel inspired by the people I work with every day. My team is amazing and they challenge me to be better, just like the other MEPs and advisers. Some look upon the European Parliament as a building of bureaucrats, but I find it to be a wonderful place with extremely dedicated and competent people who are doing everything they can to change the world for the better. I find this extremely inspiring, and it keeps my motivation up when politics is frustrating and I feel like giving up.  

2 What would people be surprised to learn about you?      

I think getting elected to the European Parliament at the age of 21 is probably the thing about me that surprises people the most! 

Besides this, I am a quite ordinary person who hasn’t climbed high mountains, done extreme sports or travelled to unknown places. 

3 What do you do in your free time to relax?       

I love to be with my friends, whether it’s going for brunch, playing board games or having a beer in a bar.  

Besides that, my partner and I are currently into making homemade pasta, especially ravioli, and that’s becoming my new hobby. 

I also spend too much time on my phone playing chess or Sudoku.  

4 What is the most inspiring book you have read, and why?       

I am very bad at making time for reading, and even worse at selecting my favourites. Currently, I am most inspired by Rend Mig [which loosely translates to ‘go to hell’] written by former Danish party leader of the Left, Pernille Skipper. She touches on the still-existing issue of sexism and harassment which female politicians and women in general experience. It showcases, how women still face more obstacles in politics and society, and broadens the discussion to the more hidden parts of biases and discrimination.

Kira MEP

5 If you could learn a language overnight, what would it be and why?    

Definitely French! Working in the European Parliament would be so much easier if I could speak the language. I’m also always a bit confused when I’m grocery shopping, and one time in Strasbourg I spent ages trying to order a caffè latte because I couldn’t pronounce it! And let’s be honest, French is by far the sexiest language. 

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