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Written by Yeliz Bicici on 19 December 2019 in Opinion Plus
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Yeliz Bicici explains how Offices of Cofinimmo are meeting Brussels’s office market needs.

Belliard 40 office building in Brussels Central Business District | Photo Credit: Offices of Cofinimmo

Since our establishment in 1983, we have been a major player in the Brussels office market and built up our expertise in its real estate over the past 35 years.

Our staff is well-versed in the A to Z management of major projects, encompassing the design, construction, renovation, reconversion and development of sites, with the goal of either renting or selling. We are experts in every aspect of the building life cycle.

We work to build close and sustainable relationships with our tenants to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty. We do our best to respond to the changing needs of our tenants in terms of flexibility, mobility and diversity of living spaces at work. Building management is handled entirely in-house by us.

The size of our office portfolio, which is in more than €1bn, gives us a complete human and technical management platform and to manage the costs. And our Service Desk is accessible 24/7, providing swift reaction to requests for service and repairs.


We also implement innovative solutions in order to meet the needs of our tenants in terms of work space flexibility, mobility and diversity. The development of the Flex Corners® and Lounges® concepts are perfect examples of this.

Our Flex Corner® concept gives clients looking for smaller office spaces the option of leasing a private space in an office building already equipped with shared infrastructure (common areas, lounge, meeting rooms). Leases are offered based on our ‘custom your lease’ principle, offering flexible short term-contracts that suit our client’s needs.

"We work to build close and sustainable relationships with our tenants to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty"

Our Lounges® are modern, inspiring and comfortable shared spaces that include catering, meeting, networking and relaxation areas. These spaces are managed on-site by our ‘Community Manager’. This concept meets the growing need for a range of different types of work spaces for our clients.

We proactively and dynamically manage our portfolio of around 100 office buildings, including rental management, upgrades to meet the requirements of ‘new ways of work’, as well as a renovation and reconversion programme to give our tenants state-of-the-art, sustainable working environments.

We prefer to use of modern techniques and sustainable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings, while also reusing waste from project sites.

We have delivered 18,800m² of offices in Brussels Central Business District (the Belliard 40 office building) and are currently redeveloping the Quartz building: a 9,200 m² office building located in the Leopold district, for which we signed a 15-year agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) and the Financial Mechanism Office (FMO).

About the author

Yeliz Bicici is Chief Operating Officer of Cofinimmo

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