FAIR INTERNET coalition welcomes copyright vote

Written by FAIR INTERNET coalition on 20 June 2018 in Press Release
Press Release

The FAIR INTERNET coalition welcomes vote of the legal affairs committee in favour of a new Article -14a ensuring the payment of fair and proportionate remuneration for performers including for online exploitations.

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The FAIR INTERNET coalition, representing over 500.000 musicians, singers, actors, dancers and other performing artists, welcomes the vote of the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee.

Today’s vote finally asserted the principle that all performers should be paid a fair and proportionate remuneration for all modes of exploitation, including for on demand uses, and sends a clear signal against persistent and unacceptable buy-out practices.

The FAIR INTERNET coalition has long campaigned for EU institutions to address the fundamental injustice whereby an overwhelming majority of performers are left empty handed when their performances are exploited via streaming and downloading services.

Whilst the European Parliament today falls short of granting performers an unwaivable right to receive remuneration directly from service providers making their performances available on demand, it nevertheless encourages Member States to achieve this aim also by way of statutory remuneration mechanisms.

It also is a matter of satisfaction that articles 14-16, as adopted by the Legal Affairs committee, remove certain limitations in the Commission's original proposal that had the potential to exclude a large number of performers from the benefit of these provisions.

The FAIR INTERNET coalition would like to thank all those MEPs across the political spectrum who expressed their continuous support to the legitimate cause of performers during the negotiations leading to the outcome of today’s vote.

It is a first step in the right direction towards the fair and equitable remuneration of performers when their performances are made available via digital services and which will hopefully be endorsed in the coming months during the trialogue negotiations with the Council and the European Commission.

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