Survey: Increasing majority of Europeans are optimistic about the EU

Written by Martin Banks on 3 August 2017 in News

A new EU-wide poll says that an increasing majority of people in the EU are optimistic about the future of the EU.

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Close to a majority of Europeans are now also optimistic about the state of their national economy, according to the Eurobarometer survey.

The results of the poll were published on Thursday by the European Commission.

One of the main findings was that trust in the European Union is growing - it is at its highest level since 2010 - and support for the euro is seemingly greater than it has been since 2004. 

Moreover, a majority of respondents, from 11 non-EU countries polled for the first time, say they have a positive view of the EU. 

The survey found that a majority of Europeans (56 per cent) are optimistic about the future of the EU - an increase of six percentage points compared to autumn 2016. 

The most significant increases can be observed in France (55 per cent, +14 points since last autumn), Denmark (70 per cent, +13 points) and Portugal (64 per cent, +10 points).

Trust in the EU continues to be on the rise and stands at 42 per cent (up from 36 per cent in autumn 2016 and 32 per cent in autumn 2015). It has increased most strongly in France (41 per cent, +15 points), in Denmark (56 per cent, +11 points) and in Estonia (55 per cent, +11 points). It has also increased by 10 points in Germany, reaching 47 per cent.

As in the two previous surveys of spring and autumn 2016, the levels of trust in national parliaments and governments have also increased to 36 per cent and 37 per cent respectively, but remain below the levels of trust in the EU.

The poll says that 40 per cent of Europeans have a positive image of the EU (+5 points since autumn 2016) with the number of respondents with a positive image increasing in 24 member states, in particular in France (40 per cent, +11 points), Denmark (42 per cent, +10 points) and Luxembourg (57 per cent, +10 points).

Some 68 per cent of Europeans feel they are citizens of the EU, which is the highest level ever shown by this indicator.

Separately, a survey of over 33,000 people across Europe suggests overall trust in Brussels is on the rise, and 60 per cent of those polled identify as EU citizens.


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