New Bulgarian government takes office

Written by Ifigenia Balkoura on 5 May 2017 in News

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov was approved for a third term by the Bulgarian Parliament with 133 favour to 100 against with no abstentions.

The new GERB and United Patriots cabinet composed by 21 ministers, four of whom are deputy prime ministers. Vladislav Goranov returned as finance minister, having served in this position in Borissov's previous cabinet. Former justice minister Ekaterina Zakharieva returned as the new foreign minister and was promoted to deputy prime minister, while Liliyana Pavlova was appointed as  minister responsible for the country’s upcoming EU presidency in 2018.

United Patriots, the junior partner in the coalition government, secured the ministries of defence, economy, and environment and two deputy prime minister posts. Krassimir Karakachanov was appointed as deputy prime minister and minister for defence, while Valeri Simeonov as deputy prime minister and minister for economy and demographic policy.

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