Thought Leaders

Innovation-powered Europe brings jobs and growth

4 November 2016

An innovation-powered Europe brings jobs, growth and improved quality of life, writes Martin Kern.

The global psoriasis community is at a historic crossroads

26 September 2016

The EU can play a key role in improving the lives of psoriasis sufferers, argues Lars Ettarp.

Crowdfunding can be a great tool for bio-based industries

26 September 2016

Irun Cohen explains why he utilised crowdfunding to finance therapies to tackle inflammatory bowel disease.

Peregrine falcon down-listing an opportune time to reflect on CITES convention

23 September 2016

The Peregrine falcon's down-listing is an opportune time to reflect on the CITES convention, writes Adrian Lombard.

Better informed consumers are key to decreasing alcohol-related harm

12 September 2016

Better informed consumers are the key to decreasing alcohol-related harm, writes Dan Mobley.

EU Parliament should reject firearms directive

11 July 2016

The ill-conceived firearms directive proposals deserve Parliament's outright rejection, argues Stephen A. Petroni.

ICT is a driver of development

8 July 2016

ICT is a driver of development and a prerequisite for future competitiveness, says Guo Ping.

Europe must seize the opportunity and accelerate towards 5G leadership

29 June 2016

Chance to position Europe at the forefront of global digital economy, says GSMA's Daniel Pataki.

Effective PNR systems must integrate privacy by design

10 June 2016

Building intelligence into borders will be key to the effective use of PNR data, says Ray Batt.

EU ETS reform must acknowledge crucial differences between industries

30 May 2016

How to tier and where to tier? These are the key ETS reform questions that need answers, says Jacob Hansen.

5G: EU must rethink business models and policies

3 May 2016

5G's success will depend on rethinking business models, policies, regulation and economics, especially on spectrum, says Afke Schaart.