Thought Leaders

Success of vaccination programmes is based on citizens' trust in safety of vaccines

2 May 2017

There's a conflict of interest at the heart of post-authorisation vaccine evaluation research, argues Jim McMenamin.

EU can compete at highest levels of bioeconomy

6 April 2017

Europe can compete at the highest levels of the bioeconomy, says Philippe Mengal.

EU must realise circular economy's full potential

5 April 2017

The EU must realise the circular economy package's full potential, argues Alexis Van Maercke.

EU Copyright Reform: Contractual freedom under attack

9 February 2017

Contractual freedom is under attack and consumers will suffer, warns Mark Lichtenhein.

Audiovisual media services directive must protect consumers

6 February 2017

The audiovisual media services directive must protect consumers, argues Hansjörg Höltkemeier.