Thought Leaders

A European workforce fit for the digital age

17 March 2020

Keeping Europe’s workers safe and healthy is the key to success in the digital age, explains Christa Sedlatschek.

A Green Deal on steel

4 March 2020

Axel Eggert explains why a ‘Green Deal on steel’ could be the flagship policy for the EU’s climate strategy.

Bringing Europe into the digital age

3 March 2020

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl explains how Europe can boost the number of its digital unicorn companies.

Healthcare cannot wait to integrate sustainability into business

2 March 2020

Alessandro Chiesi explains why the EU must address the fact that climate change represents a significant threat to respiratory health.

Implementing the Rare Cancer Agenda

2 March 2020

Professor Paolo Casali explains how Rare Cancers Europe is helping to implement the 2030 Rare Cancer Agenda.

FinTech: What is it all about?

11 February 2020

Fintech is a sector where Europe can be a global competitor, writes Nickolas Reinhardt

How Nord Stream 2 could play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions

3 February 2020

Nord Stream 2 will make an important contribution to achieving the EU’s climate objectives, writes Sebastian Sass

Time to reform severe asthma services

8 January 2020

Political action is urgently needed to ensure that the four million European citizens with severe asthma routinely have access to specialist care, writes Pascal Chanez.

Europe is the natural 5G leader

9 December 2019

Europe is more than just one of Huawei's most important markets, writes Abraham Liu.

Can Artificial Intelligence predict the weather?

4 December 2019

AI is evolving rapidly and brings with it the potential to improve weather and climate predictions, writes Peter Dueben.

A new EU industrial strategy would drive health and growth

5 November 2019

Europe must play to its strengths and pharma is an area of strategic economic and social value where the EU is a global player, writes EFPIA's Nathalie Moll.

AI: Giving healthcare professionals 'The Gift of Time'

24 September 2019

AI will transform the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals, explains Jan-Philipp Beck.

Healthy workplaces lighten the load

23 September 2019

Christa Sedlatschek reflects on 25 years of making Europe’s workplaces safer, healthier and more productive.

An enabling policy framework can all help to reduce emissions

12 September 2019

An enabling policy framework can all help to reduce emissions, explains Philippe Ducom.

The EU must continue its commitment to protecting wildlife

11 September 2019

The EU must continue its commitment to protecting wildlife, explains Staci McLennan.