WEBINAR: After COVID-19, will there be an even more devastating AMR outbreak?

The online event will look at the requirement for a new business model for the development, production and sales of new antibiotics.

4 June 2020, 12:00-13:00 CET

A Joint Parliament Magazine/PA International multi-stakeholder webinar

COVID-19 has demonstrated Europe’s lack of preparedness for major pandemics and has highlighted the bloc's heavy dependence on China and India for many pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies. With EU-China relations set to be a key German EU presidency priority in the coming months, we test the scope for cooperation and the requirement to (re)build European facilities particularly related to preventing an outbreak of multiple or totally resistant bacteria such as e-coli and sexually transmittable bacteria. 

The UK’s top adviser on antimicrobial resistance, former Conservative Party Finance Secretary and Goldman Sachs banker, Lord Jim O’Neill, will table new solutions. Among the key arguments: our market and our system demonstrate fatal flaws that could cost more lives than cancer or car accidents: 300 million by 2050.

German S&D group MEP Tiemo Wölken, a vice-chair of the MEP Interest Group on AMR, and EPP group MEP Peter Liese, a member of the ENVI Committee, will discuss the European Parliament’s most critical concerns and options.

Scientific options will be delivered by Dr Jon de Vlieger from the European Lead Factory/Lygature Foundation, in the Netherlands, Dr Marc Gitzinger, Vice-President of the BEAM (Biotech companies in Europe combating AntiMicrobial Resistance) Alliance and CEO of BioVersys, and Dr Jean-Paul Pirnay of the Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Belgium.

Senior representatives from the European Commission’s DG RTD and DG SANTE have also been invited to attend.

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