The EU elections in Greece: Opportunity and choice

The European elections on 9th June present Greeks with an opportunity to reaffirm the EU as one of Greece's greatest assets

By Christina Georgaki

Christina is the founder and managing partner of Georgaki and Partners Law Firm.

04 Jun 2024

The European elections are fast approaching, presenting a pivotal moment for Greeks everywhere to ensure our interests are effectively represented in the European Parliament.

Despite this, a significant portion of our citizens, over 40% according to one recent poll, view these elections with indifference.

This is understandable to some extent, given the frequency of elections in Greece over the past year, whilst European elections are traditionally accompanied by less public fervour than their national equivalents. 

However, the choice we face on 9th June is crucial.  It will determine our engagement with an organisation, that when the relationship is strong, stands as one of our nation’s greatest assets. 

Much of our recent economic success has been largely driven through close work and collaboration with the EU. The post-pandemic Recovery and Resilience Facility for instance, has underpinned digital transformation and hospital improvement programmes, and is expected to account for 60% of economic growth next year.

Our increasing leadership role within the bloc also means we’re working constructively with other EU nations to solve global issues – notably advocating for greater consumer protection following recent food price shocks. 

We must remember that these achievements are not accidental, nor is the funding we’ve received in recent years a mere handout.  No, they’re the fruition of years of hard work rebuilding our relationship with the EU after it reached its nadir under Syriza.

Many Greeks will remember those dark times, when the churlish approach of our leaders led to an attitude of conflict with the EU that piled misery onto the Greek people.

Thankfully, we have moved past that phase. However, maintaining and building upon the progress we have made requires continuous public interest and work. This begins with the upcoming elections, which will set the tone for our relationship with Europe for the next five years. 

In my view, New Democracy remains the right option for Greece. They understand what it takes to work with the EU at all levels – from high-level diplomacy to the less glamorous but equally critical work such as ensuring we have the correct regulatory alignment to unlock new investment.

The power is in our hands once again.  Will we continue to build on our progress, or will we regress?  On 9th June, it is our collective duty to make the right choice. 

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