LISTEN: Food Waste. What can we do about it?

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

By Herbalife

08 May 2023

Welcome to ‘Nutrition for Life’, the podcast that goes beyond your plate, brought to you by Herbalife.

In this six part podcast series, broadcaster Carole Walker meets guests from across Europe to explore some of the biggest topics in the world of nutrition and food. From nutrition itself, food sustainability, obesity to the rising cost of food, we’ve got it all for you in this series.

In Episode 6, we’re tackling the vital issue of food waste. According to the World Food Programme, a third of all food produced globally is wasted, estimated to be between 95 and 115kg of food waste per person annually.

Why do we waste so much food and how can we cut down the amount we waste? Is it about awareness or altering consumer behaviour or does responsibility rest with the producers and supermarkets?


Stephane Leroux, executive director of the International Food Waste Coalition, a not-for-profit organisation set up to foster collaboration and coordinate action to reduce food loss and waste across Europe’s hospitality and food service sector.

Alexandros Theodoridis, co-founder and chief food saving warrior of Boroume, a non-for-profit organisation whose mission is to reduce food waste and to fight malnutrition in Greece.

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This podcast series was recorded in late 2022. 

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