Empowering innovation in healthcare and life sciences for patients and society

By Johnson & Johnson

09 Apr 2024

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe health is everything. It is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. 

Our strength in healthcare innovation empowers us to build a world where complex diseases are prevented, treated, and cured, where treatments are smarter and less invasive, and solutions are personal. We invest billions in R&D to improve human health through sustainable, inclusive, and innovative solutions. 

We strive to deliver the breakthroughs of tomorrow, and profoundly impact health for humanity. We aim to improve access and affordability, create a healthier global community, and put a healthy mind, body, and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.

The European Union’s (EU) recent communication on “the long-term competitiveness of the EU: looking beyond 2030” highlights the importance of growth and innovation, as well as the need for coordinated action to bridge the European competitiveness gap in an increasingly complex geopolitical context.1

The healthcare industry is a key pillar of the European economy, playing a vital role all along the value chain in job creation and community growth. It is essential, therefore, that Europe strengthens its leadership position in biopharmaceuticals, medical technologies, health, and digital innovation, and we need a strategic and proactive approach to achieve this.


As a global company with a strong footprint in Europe, we are certain our industry will play a critical role in addressing patients’ needs and achieving the EU ambition in the areas of Health Union, Competitiveness, Digital Transformation and Environmental Sustainability.

Our manifesto presents recommendations in key areas we consider essential to empowering innovation and growth in healthcare and life sciences in Europe and its Member States, placing patients and citizens at the core:

  • Supporting a review of the EU’s pharmaceutical framework that facilitates innovation and unlocks tomorrow’s cures for patients.
  • Securing a reliable and flexible Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) fit for the digital age.
  • Empowering healthcare through data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and digitalisation: policies for trust, innovation, and access.
  • Evolving healthcare systems to be more patient-centric.
  • Supporting healthy people and a healthy planet through our approach to environmental sustainability.
  • Ensuring secure, resilient and diverse supply chains.


Read the full Johnson & Johnson Manifesto for the European Health Union here or scan the QR code below.

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CP-419076 Date of Preparation Dec 2023