The EU needs to develop a clear vision for its security says Rasa Juknevičienė

Common capabilities, united action on threats and adequate financing are key to defending the EU, argues SEDE Committee MEP
Rasa Jukneviciene | Source: European Parliament Audiovisual

By Rasa Jukneviciene

Rasa Jukneviciene (LT, EPP) is a vice-Chair of Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Defence

08 Dec 2021

The EU needs to significantly increase its capabilities, power and develop a clear vision for its security. There are three important aspects. First, the overarching issue of perception of common threats within the EU.

For example, if some Member States feel there is common ground with the current Kremlin, while others perceive Russia as the EU’s biggest threat, then there is no shared perspective on the direction of development for defence capacity. 

EU capitals also hold diverging views on China; the Council approved the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, but the Parliament took a different view. Shared understanding on NATO’s role in European security is also needed.

Second, there is the issue of defence spending and investment in capabilities; we cannot advance any strategy without adequate financing. 

Last, there are the areas where the EU must develop common capabilities, particularly in counteracting hybrid threats.

The recent Belarus border ‘attack’ - which saw migrants weaponised - was designed to destabilise the EU. which saw migrants weaponised - was designed to destabilise the EU; this and other tactics cyber attacks are aimed at dismantling the EU’s security fabric.

The EU needs to have capacity for dealing with such attacks and so we need to invest significantly more in this area, as well as in military mobility within the EU, an area where the EU and NATO can be complementary way. 

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