Stylianides briefs MEPs on online child sexual abuse

MEPs have accused member states of failing to implement the 2011 directive on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.

By Astrid Van Hecke

13 Feb 2015

On Thursday, Christos Stylianides, commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management, made a statement in the European parliament on the fight against child sexual abuse on the Internet.

He referred to the 2011 directive on and explained that the commission is not planning on making any amendments on this in the future. Instead, the commission is going to draft a report on the implementation of the directive by the member states.

When the results become available in April 2015, the commission will make decisions whether or not to make new infringements proceedings.

Several MEPS referred to the dangers of the dark net and called for more action and cooperation on an international level. They also accused member states of failing to implement the 2011 directive.

British Conservative Timothy Kirkhope argued that there is a need to work with internet companies and block search results that lead to child abuse, while German Christian-Democrat MEP Monika Hohlmeier argued that the cybercrime centre needs more resource as only three staff members are currently dealing with this kind of crime.

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