Slovak EU Council presidency can show leadership on security issues

The Slovak government can show leadership in the Council on development and security issues, says Anna Záborská.

Anna Záborská | Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

By Anna Záborská

13 Jul 2016

Europe's migration crisis stressed the importance of EU humanitarian aid and development assistance in preventing large migration flows.

All member states recognised that a timely humanitarian response and efficient development policies benefit both the receiving communities and the donor countries. However, our national budgets still fall short in reflecting this newly found consensus.

The Slovak EU Council presidency, in its priorities, correctly identified the link between development and security.


Last year, we learned that the protection of our external borders is best guaranteed by the combination of national and European capacities.

The Slovak government can show leadership in the Council and make a case for delivering on the pledges in the area of development and humanitarian aid. Giving people in our neighbouring regions the belief that the opportunity of living better lives is real is not just a noble phrase.

It is a political necessity if we want to prevent chaos and turmoil that can easily escalate. We need to realise that hope abroad and safety at home are two faces of the same coin.

If there is a lesson worth learning from the British referendum it is this; that the member states need to act and deliver, otherwise Europe will fail.

I trust that our government is determined to drive this point home during its Council presidency.

If it succeeds, by December we may start to see a new, positive shift in truly European governance and global responsibility emerging.


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