Nigel Farage says he's close to forming cross-party UK coalition on Brexit campaign

UKIP leader promises to 'work with anybody' in fight for "great cause".

By Sebastian Whale

06 Jan 2016

Nigel Farage has revealed that he has held talks with members of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative party over the possibility of creating a cross-party coalition in the campaign to take the UK out of the EU.

Asked whether he has been in touch with British MPs, and even cabinet ministers about working together, Farage told the BBC, "Yes absolutely, I have. And I’ll say it again loudly and clearly; I want to work with anybody, whether they’re on the centre right in the case of the Conservatives, or the centre-left in the case of trade unions and the Labour party."

The UKIP leader refused to be drawn on specific names of MPs he has contacted, but suggested details will be revealed later this week.


“I think before the end of this week you will see an announcement where I’m going to be working with some backbench Conservative MPs, forgetting party differences, but fighting for this great cause," he said.

"I want my country back, I think Britain should be a self-governing nation, and I’d link arms with anybody to achieve that."

Former defence secretary Liam Fox said last month he was "definitely" willing to work alongside Farage on the Brexit campaign trail.

The news comes after David Cameron said ministers would be given a free vote in the EU referendum.

Farage claimed the Prime Minister made the decision to stave off high-profile ministerial exits warning that Cameron would face "irreconcilable differences" following the in-out referendum, which is due by 2017.

"He may be surprised now by just how many ministers, and Cabinet ministers, and indeed ambitious backbenchers, now support Britain leaving the European Union," he said.

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