Luxembourg presidency must show commitment to public development aid

It is important to show solidarity with the refugees arriving at Europe's door, says Charles Goerens.

By Charles Goerens

15 Jul 2015

The Luxembourg EU council presidency coincides with the final six months of the European year for development. 

As development is part of the EU's external action, Europe's foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini is in charge of this portfolio. Nevertheless, Luxembourg is committed to promoting humanitarianism in these extremely challenging times. 

It's also important to coordinate solidarity efforts for the tens of thousands of refugees knocking on the EU's door to the east and south of Europe. 


It will be extremely difficult to make progress in terms of welcoming people who have lost everything in their home countries. 

Several EU heads of state have already folded to the demands of public opinion, which is more or less hostile to opening up the EU to these people. 

Seeing as it is impossible to reach a unanimous decision - even though in matters like these, it is required - the effort will have to be spread out among those member states that now find themselves in a coalition of the willing. 

Meanwhile, the legislative work in this area is stalling. Therefore, Luxembourg should leave its mark by providing political impetus and demonstrating exemplary commitment to both the quality and quantity of public development aid. Luxembourg has knowledge that it can share with its partners.


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