EU twittersphere in meltdown over Trump victory

EU parliamentary groups and MEPs have reacted with shock and anger at Donald Trump's unexpected victory in the US elections.

09 Nov 2016

EU policymakers have expressed their shock at Donald Trump's stunning victory in the US presidential elections, with many calling it a "wake-up call" for Europe.

It’s now up to Europe. We must be more self-confident and assume more responsibility. #USElection2016  1/2

It’s also another wake-up call. We must consider the concerns of the people seriously and give concrete answers. #USElection2016 2/2

-Manfred Weber, EPP group Chair


Trump wins. Not only missed chance to elect a 1st woman president. Wake up call for Europe to further unite & take charge of its own destiny

-Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE group Chair


Other groups reacted more angrily at the electoral upset.

It's a sad day for the world. Trump is the expression of a virus spreading across the US & Europe. EU should be the anti-body to this virus

-S&D group


Trump based campaign on racism, division, sexism & hatred. We hope presidency won't follow same trend  #ElectionNight

-Greens/EFA group


Other MEPs were quick to comment.

As far-right politicians fall over themselves to congratulate the President-elect, we must continue to stand up against the politics of fear

-Keith Taylor, UK Greens/EFA group MEP


It's not only a defeat for the US but also for the entire democratic world. Old Europe should stand & fight for freedoms. #ElectionNight

-Eric Andrieu, French S&D group MEP

So the UK is no longer the most unpredictable place in western politics ... 

-Vicky Ford, UK ECR group MEP


The American dream has just ended. #USElection2016

-Jan Albrecht, German Greens/EFA group MEP





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