EU lights for Colchester camera action

By Simon Collyer

10 Jan 2019

Essex Euro MP Alex Mayer clapped shut a film clapperboard and she welcomes a £1,320 European LoCASE – low carbon- grant as part help towards buying lighting equipment (Thursday 20 December at the Knowledge Pathways International, Unit 1 Block B, The Knowledge Gateway, University of Essex, Colchester, CO4 3ZL).

The beneficiaries, the Association of Pension & Benefits Claimants CIC, better known as the ABC are developing a project called Work TV, which aims to change the way we think about the world-of-work and will feature a magazine-style format with international news and training as well as providing inspirational ideas and ‘know-how’.  The channel is also designed as a resource for careers teachers, for schools and higher education establishments and the hard-pressed businessman needing to keep up to date and find staff via the channel's app.   The ABC has described Work TV as a ‘CNN for the World of Work’ - a tribute to TV mogul Ted Turner whose tiny TV station saw the future in 24hr, TV news.   

Thanks to the Euro cash Mr. Collyer has now invested in professional lighting supplied by Proav, one of the film and broadcasting industry’s leading equipment suppliers.

Mr. Collyer explained to the Euro MP how careers advice has been cut back since the Government-funded careers services came to an end in 2012. While new legislation required schools to seek “independent and impartial careers guidance”, no additional funding was allocated for this. The entrepreneur hopes to fill a gap in the market and has already talked to the Department of Education about his plans.

Big Society Capital has appointed the ABC with a Cambridge Economist and Investment expert that is helping package the offer for social enterprise investors.

The ABC has over 3 000 articles online and is really getting noticed says Simon, who was recently invited to the final press conference by the UN’s Special rapporteur, Professor Philip Alston.

‘Rupert Murdock may not be hiding behind his desk just yet says Simon, but we have no shortage of ambition although more funding would certainly help.

Ms. Mayer said: “Best of luck to Mr. Collyer in his endeavours to benefits of the world-of-work and provide ideas about different careers paths and job vacancies.”

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