EBS 2018: Internal market rules must help SMEs

Internal market regulations must benefit and assist SMEs, says Maria Grapini.

Maria Grapini | Photo credit: European Parliament audiovisual

By Maria Grapini

24 May 2018

My goal is to ensure internal market policies facilitate market access for SMEs and their sustainability. Having worked in the private sector and created SMEs in my country, I know the barriers that still exist: market access and public procurement, business internationalisation and financing. 

That is why in Parliament’s SME intergroup, we have weekly discussions with our partners - professional associations and Commission representatives - on what we can do to support SMEs.

All new internal market regulations must take into account the impact on SMEs. Parliament’s internal market committee has voted proposals for pilot projects and preparatory actions to be submitted to the Commission ahead of next year’s budget, including the SME instrument in social affairs. 


Another current concern is the correct application of the public procurement directive, so that contracts can still be divided into smaller lots to be accessed by SMEs, with an own-initiative report in progress. 

Recently, I was appointed shadow rapporteur on implementation of the late payments directive, which introduces stringent measures that - through proper implementation by EU countries - will make a significant contribution to employment, economic growth and improving the liquidity of businesses.


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