David Cameron reveals Brexit renegotiation wish list

UK PM David Cameron has revealed his long-awaited list of proposed EU reforms ahead of the upcoming Brexit referendum.


By Colin Mackay

10 Nov 2015

Speaking at the Chatham House Institute, David Cameron finally unveiled the four key demands for EU reform set out in his letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk.

He wants to protect Britain's access to the single market, reduce red tape and make Europe more competitive, restrict non-UK citizens' access to certain welfare benefits and exempt Britain from 'ever-closer union'.

He seeks a number of additional safeguards, including recognition that sterling is one of the currencies of the European Union. He also plans to replace the existing human rights act with a British bill of rights.


Syed Kamall, a UK member of Parliament's ECR group, praised the speech, saying it was part of "a wider debate" about whether all EU countries need to "commit to ever closer union." He hoped it would "kick start a wider reform agenda that should not end with the UK referendum."

S&D group MEP Glenis Willmott, said that "maintaining British influence" was vital and that the UK, "cannot afford to be marginalised". She added that there were, "no circumstances in which we would be better off by quitting" and urged Cameron to be honest about this.

ALDE deputy Catherine Bearder supported a rapid resolution of the renegotiation package, saying that, “we can start talking about the broader reasons why it's crucial for Britain to remain a leading member of the EU.” She has also written to President Tusk setting out alternative priorities from the UK Liberal Democrat perspective.

Nigel Farage, co-chair of Parliament's EFDD group and leader of the UK Independence Party, criticised the speech, saying it was clear Cameron's demands lacked substance. He said that it was "an attempt to portray a new 'third way' relationship with Brussels that is simply not on offer."

Link to full text of the letter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5Ik-gKDMpozN052X2ZGeHZEMkE/view?pli=1