Cyber security: Expert briefing with Huawei UK's Cyber Security Officer David Francis

On Wednesday 25 September 2013 The Parliament Magazine organised an event in association with Huawei on cyber security.

02 Oct 2013

The event, co-hosted by Andreas Schwab and Malcolm Harbour, features an expert briefing with Huawei UK's Cyber Security Officer David Francis.

While society is getting ever more connected through digital means, the sheer volume of data transmitted electronically brings massive benefits as well as risks. Protecting citizens' rights and strengthening trust by ensuring privacy and security is therefore a key issue for governments, industry and users alike.

David Francis explained what protecting privacy and security entails from a technology vendor's point of view. He went over the policies and processes inside a company like Huawei Technologies that have been put in place to ensure the security and resilience of its products which will ultimately help protect the privacy and data of the end user.

He also addressed the need for management of the global supply chain on which the IT sector fully relies to mitigate any security risks, the role of transparency and global standards, as well as the need for international cooperation to improve cyber security around the globe.

Issue 376 of The Parliament Magazine, out on Monday 7 October, will feature full coverage of the event.

To read the online write-up of the event here:

Video produced by Kayleigh Lewis for The Parliament Magazine and Huawei.